Error in SmartThings Matter FAQ

@nayelyz ,

Could you please pass this along to whoever maintains the official documentation at:

It is important for smartthings users to understand that thread and matter are two different things, and it is entirely possible to purchase a thread-certified device which is not matter-certified, and consequently, will not work with smartthings.

A good example is the Wemo scene controller. It does use thread. It doesn’t support matter.

The official smartthings FAQ documentation has a link to a list of thread-certified devices and says they will all work with matter. That’s wrong.

You can find a list of supported Matter Thread devices here.

It should instead link to the list of matter certified devices

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Hi, @JDRoberts

Sure, I’ll share this with the team to see if they can add that clarification.
Thanks for sharing your concern about this :smiley:

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