Entry Chime

(Justin) #1

Is there a way to get an entry chime when a door is opened? I am looking at a x10 remote chime, but have to clue as to how to set it up. I was thinking of plugging it in to an outlet and then if a door opens toggle the outlet for x seconds. Thoughts or something better?

(Jason) #2

I plan on trying this out once the shields come back in stock in the ST storeā€¦

(John O) #3

I set this up just last night. If you have a tablet mounted for using SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (www.SmartTiles.click)
You can use sharptools and Tasker and you are good to go. Sharptools supports smarthings modes so you can silence the chime in different modes if needed. This of course works with Android only I believe.