Audible chime/notification when entry is opened?

Is there any way to get an audible chime when an entry is opened? Something everyone with a standard alarm system takes for granted :confused:

People have mentioned using SONOS to play a sound but there is a quite a delay in doing that which removes that as an option.

I actually ended up using one of these: X10 Chime and plugging it into a zwave outlet I don’t otherwise use. Then setting the outlet to turn on when certain contacts are opened. It’s not a great workaround, since you have to have an app that turns the outlet off again. But atleast it’s very little delay.

a MIMOlite or LFM-20 or Enerwave Relay could be used to trigger a chime.

the mimo in particular can be configured for momentary output mode.

If you have an Ubi you can get Ubi to say when a door/window is opened.

If you have an old tablet laying around you could install the client and have it chime (or text to speech) the push notifications. That is what I did with an old nexus 7.