Ensuite - suggestions? (UK)

Hi all,

My wife is making me decorate our ensuite (new tiles/shower enclosure/flooring etc). While the place will look like a bomb site I am thinking that this is the opportunity to introduce some ‘technology’. I am thinking of a shower that you can turn on/off remotely and control the temperature (turn the temperature down to persuade the kids to get out of the shower and not spend 40 mins in there!). I will probably be putting down tiles on the floor so looking at underfloor heating (I have recently installed Evohome at the home).

I am sure I have missed a million and one ideas - of course i do not want to spend a fortune…

Ideas always welcomed


I just wanted to confirm that you’re in the UK, as available devices do vary somewhat from country to country. :sunglasses:

If you just want inspiration for the types of things that people have done, although the specific devices might vary, you can take a look at the project reports in the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. Look at the very end and there’s a section by room, with a list for “bathroom” there. Although most of the reports will be from US members, you can still get ideas about The types of automation that they’ve added.



I can confirm I am in the UK. I will have a look at the link you sent :slight_smile:

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