Best way to automate underfloor heating

My next project is to automate my underfloor heating and I am looking for advice and tips from users with more knowledge and experience than I have.

In my house I have 10 heating zone’s which use hot water. In my location we get hot water directly so no boiler. The 10 valves are in the garage, and the only signal I can get into the garage is Wifi because I have a powerful wifi mesh hardware that is able to penetrate into the garage. So getting zwave or zigbee would be challenging (concrete walls).

I am thinking about using Sonoff relays which can be flashed and integrated into ST. Connect those to a electric on/off heat valve accuators and control those by heat sensors located in every room in the house.

If the above works then I need to set up the automation part. Seen some smartapps for heating and i believe there is a builtin app in ST for that, so unsure what is the best way to go here. Any advice from users that have gone through this before would be welcomed.

Also getting comments on my proposed setup are appriciated. Am I forgetting something? What do I need to be aware off?