What do you want to do with your smart home?

I’ve been with smart things for almost two years and there isn’t much I’ve found to not be possible with what’s available today.

So, I’m curious…

What do you want to do with your smart home?
How do you want to interact with it?
How do you want it to interact with you?

I’m willing to bet that whatever you want can already be done!

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Challenge Accepted!


I’m ready! Bring it!

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  1. I would like for my smart home to be able to tell “Who” is in what room.
  2. I would like for my smart home to write rules via voice-to-text.
  3. I would like to be able to use Echos and Dots as whole house audio systems including being able to be used as intercoms.
  4. I would like for my smart home to put the electric fence collars on the dogs, turn on the electric fence, open the door when the dogs tell the home that they want to go potty, zap them if they stay out too long, close the door when they come in and send a message that the dogs went out.
  5. I would like for iDoggyScooper to then go out and clean the poop up and send a message that the poop has been cleaned and its safe to play in the yard.
  6. Oh, almost forgot! I would all of this to work ALL THE TIME!!!

Well… I was ok up until you started getting unrealistic with this one.


Number one - this can be done using beacons, motion senses, and CoRE.

Number two - the developers of EchoSistant are actually working on this, but it’s not stable yet.

Number three - that’s beyond our scope. Amazon is in control

Number four - this is actually all possible, except for the putting the collars on. Using beacons, CoRE, and probably a modified contact sensor.

Number five - sorry, train the dogs to use the toilets. My wife trained our cats to do it.

Number six - please submit yourself to HR for a random urinalysis.


LMAO!! OK what the heck is a beacon?

Siri, Google beacon for SmartThings…

iBeacons…WTH is this? Why haven’t I heard of it? Umm Ron Talley, please forget anything you just learned about them. Screw the pooches and be happy with what you have!

Pssst Self…Yes…NEVER come back to this page again!

But But But what about these iBeacon thingies?..I said, “NEVER COME BACK!”

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Yes. And while you’re at it, ST should put the collars on the skunks BEFORE they come into the yard!


I think I’m going to invest in these as well.

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Ok, I would like to

  • Monitor my Spa’s Temp (and adjust) as well at the current chem levels

  • Monitor my plants ( would love if I could buy more plant links, but I think they are a dead company

  • Turn my garden hose on and off (again why did plantlink company have to die)

  • Monitor my Koi Pond water conditions

  • Have ST work with MyQ again :frowning:

  • Open and close my slat blinds (rotate stats now up/down)

Easily done… Using a temp sensor and some other stuff

Very sad… I never got to get any of those… But there has to be a way.

Can be done. Orbit valve controller at Lowe’s.

Got me there…

Well, my Q did kind of sfuck

This can be done, but you have to build it.

You can already do this via custom device handlers, this is one i wrote for Qubino Shutter modules:

I’m sure it’s simple enough to be translated into a handler for your specific z-wave blinds control module.

I had one, been on the shelf for 2 years after it went crazy and duplicated its self 200+ times. Is that issue fixed?

The integration did, the device it’s self not so much. I got MyQ because ST said it was “going to work soon” that was 2 years ago. :frowning: Now I am reluctant to throw more money at that. [quote=“bamarayne, post:11, topic:87449”]
Easily done… Using a temp sensor and some other stuff
Balboa had a module, that would monitor the temp and let me adjust it.but I can’t seem to find it now, and it was crazy expensive. Still no clue on how to get PH, Alk, and Bromine levels electronically. [quote=“bamarayne, post:11, topic:87449”]
This can be done, but you have to build it.

I watched that thread a bit a year or so ago. Kind of want something off the shelf that I can just add in. I lack a certain panache when it comes to building electronics.

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ok, you gotta tell me this one, I am so tired of scooping and changing the box.

She bought this thing… I didn’t know… 3 out of 4 got it…

To have echo telling me when ST is not working but only with my shard or my system.



With the iBeacons, do you implant them under your skin?
If not, you have to remember to put YOUR beacon in your pocket at all times… unless you’re wandering around your house naked, in which case I can’t imagine where you’d put the thing :blush:

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My devices to not drop off the network every few months…

ok… y’all are killing me here… lol… let me redefine the challenge…

Things that are possible for a “USER” to accomplish…

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