Enhancing OAuth Flow: New Login Prompt and OpenID Integration

Hi everyone,

When using the OAuth flow, it is necessary for the authorization pop-up not to rely on the user’s existing browser session. I would like it to prompt for a new login or allow the user to choose an account. Is it possible to configure this using the SmartThings API?

Additionally, I would like to know if it is possible to use OpenID in SmartThings via the API.


Hi, @CelioARamos. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!

Are you working with OAuth integration or Schema Connectors?

I’m working with OAuth integration.

Ok, then, it isn’t possible to ignore user’s current session to ask for a new login to authorize your app.
Also, remember that in the OAuth integration, each location where the user authorizes your app counts as 1 installation (the default limit is 500), so, if a user has 3 locations in his account and authorizes your app on two of them, he’ll use 2 installations.

About OpenID, I can ask the engineering team to check if others have used it in the past. But, SmartThings needs to be able to send requests to your server, the most common issue when requests are not received on your side is due to the certificates.
To verify if your URL shouldn’t have issue in that regard, you can use this SSL tester → SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)