Enerwave scene controller 7 button

Hello and thanks ahead of time for your input
I have this enerwave controller

It does not control a load but is wall wired.
I assumed it would work similar to a button controller/remote but not require constant battery changing

I can add it to the smarthings hub and it appears as a “zwave controller” (one device only) but has no other functionality that I can access. Pushing buttons does not perform any action or any noticeable response on the app.

In the smartapps section there is an app called “button controller” which is noted to work with the aeon minimote but when I use this app to add the enerwave controller using the inclusion sequence for the controller the program states “a new device was added but was not the correct type” and then subsequently the device “zwave controller” is added with no functionality.

Does anyone have any idea how to get this scene controller to work?

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A good place to start would be:

  1. Log into the IDE
  2. Go to ‘My Devices’
  3. Find and click the newly added scene controller
  4. Select ‘List Events’
  5. Set the filter at the top to ‘all’
  6. Push buttons on the scene controller, and keep an eye on the event list to see if any raw events are coming through

If you do get raw device events you can parse those in the device handler, and send out corresponding events to the SmartThings cloud.

Let us know if that works.

So, when we say “it does not control load”, will it still pass electric through to lights? If that is the case, this could be used to control Hue lights in recessed cans in a light switch that controls those recessed cans. It would give constant power and then issue commands to control the Hue.

Is that the case with something like this when it says it does not control load?

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It does not pass any electricity to any lights or load. Wiring only involved a hot wire, a neutral, and a ground with no available load wire. Hence the wiring only is to have power to turn on the unit. I think it is meant to act like a z wave remote where either the buttons activate scenes already predetermined by the hub.

I tried to change the device type to aeon multimote to see if I could fool the system into thinking some of the buttons should act like the four buttons on the multimote but still no go. No activity was noted on the ide when the buttons were pressed.

I honestly don’t know how the smarthtings hub handles these multi button remotes in terms of programming. For example, with Vera if I added this remote it would appear as a new single device. I would then create a scene and then create a “trigger” stating button x press would start the scene. In this case button 1-7. I can put the trigger as button 8 but no event would trigger thus the system knows the device has only 7 buttons. Vera does not create seven separate button devices. I’m sure this must be possible in smartthings but haven’t figured that out yet

@Urman we should add this device to the list of things to look at in the near term. Could be a solution for people having issues with their hue (and other) lights being “disabled” due to the spouse flicking the switch :slight_smile:


@Ben, I feel that is an occurrence with a high probability of happening! People who are not into tech as much as we are here don’t want to pull their phone out to do something. ST does an excellent job at removing this need. However, the scenario you mentioned is probably more common in family homes like mine.

We all have to remember - we LOVE tech here…we eat, drink, and breath tech (although I prefer a nice glass of wine and a lobster tail most days). So, the quickest way to get broad adoption is to fix these scenarios as best and quickly as we can.

I just want to throw my vote in to see these bad boy working in SmartThings. Living in an older house these are exactly what I need for some of my rooms with TCP bulbs for full spousal approval.

Any progress on this? Have people had much success with enerwave products? I want to get one of their multi-load controllers to run a fan/light combo instead of pull strings and a single load switch (actually I want to use 2 of their controllers to run 2 separate fan/light combos that run in series) and then use this as a wall mount so my non tech savvy wife will use the 4 buttons to turn on/off what she wants.

I bought one of the ZWN-SC7 along with the Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 I made a little progress with the ZWN-RSM2 so I decided to hook this up and see if I could get it going.

I was able to get this added, but that’s about it.

I got the “technical” document from Enerwave tech support on this device.

For now the device just sits and waits for some ST love.

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All you would need to do is wire nut the power coming in to the box with the line going out to the hues along with short pigtails going to this controller.

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That is what I learned a few weeks ago when I installed Linear load switches and three-way switches. It still would be nice to have a switch that could flip between constantly on or not. It seems like a possible design since most zwave (and other protocol) switches are not generally “physically” engaging the power.

Any luck getting the Enerwave scene controller up and running?


I have not, however a lot of people have said they have gotten the HA07 to work and that it does not communicate with ST hub and you can’t see it’s activity on the ST hub.

So my guess is since I can add the Everwave to ST but can’t see any activity it works just like the HA07, what I’ll need to figure out how to do is add devices to the enerwave, their instructions say to copy commands from the main controller which I’m clueless to. On a side note I also cannot get the HA07 to control anything except for all on or all off.

At any rate, my guess is it is already compatible, I just have to figure out how to make it work. My guess would be this could be easily automated with a smartapp that you say button 1 does this button 2 does this etc etc etc. Then click a button in that app and sync those commands to the Enerwave.

I too am trying the ZWN-SC7 and the lack of Z-wave documentation does make it difficult to do anything. When view the event list I don’t see anything interesting. Is there a generic example of handling the press of a particular button? Also the lights are currently flashing though the device is (supposedly) connected. What does the flashing really mean?

I wrote to Jacob at Enerwave asking about compatibility with remote control devices. Please find the email string pasted below in reverse chronological order.


Email String:

This autumn.

------------------ Original ------------------
Date: Mon, Aug 11, 2014 09:31 AM
To: "Jacob"jacob@enerwaveautomation.com;
Subject: Re: ZWN-SC7

Dear Jacob,

Thank you for your prompt response. Any timeline for implementing this in the next firmware version?



From: Jacob jacob@enerwaveautomation.com
Date: Sunday, August 10, 2014 8:39 PM
Subject: Re:ZWN-SC7

Hi Matthew,
The current firmware version of ZWN-SC7 cannot communicate directly with end devices. Neither the GE45600.
But we had noticed this requirement, this will be implemented in future version.
Thank you

------------------ Original ------------------
To: "jacob@enerwaveautomation.com"jacob@enerwaveautomation.com;
Subject: ZWN-SC7

Dear Jacob,

I am writing to ask whether the Enerwave 7 scene controller can communicate directly with Linear Z wave dimmer switches, without the need for an intermediate controller. If not, can the Enerwave 7 scene control communicate with a GE45600 handheld remove?



+1 on wanting to see SmartThings support this hardwired “remote.”

This devise looks exceptionally functional and esthetically attractive with very clear buttons and on/off LED’s. If it worked with SmartThings, I’d put mount it on the wall behind my master bedroom door so as I retired to the bedroom for the night or left the bedroom in the morning to head downstairs I could punch the big button to trigger SmartThings’ “Good night” / “Good morning” actions (enabling alarm activation by sensors), and it would also let me see the status of some specific devices (e.g., left lights on, garage door open, etc. and turn them off / close them at the click of a button).

SmartThings: Please pursue adding this device to your offering! Please-please!




The lack of physical buttons is the second most annoying thing on my list about ST currently. The debacle around sharing hubs is top of the list (in case anyone was wondering).


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Does the Harmony remote have too many buttons?

I still can’t believe it isn’t a top priority to get a gang box mounted scene controller integrated asap.