Energy Dashboard is Not Showing My A/C

I am using Samsung Windfree AI enabled smart AC, but unable to see usage on device as well as on SmartThings app.
Tried contacting support team aswell but no response since 2 months.

The same issue persists in 2024, for me as well.
I’m using 2 windfree air conditioners (AR12BY4APWKNNA and AR24CY3AAGBNNA). It’s not possible for me, to track/monitor energy usage of either of 2 devices and unable to use AI Energy Mode. When Samsung charges additional cost for Smartthings/Wi-Fi models, it is expected that all features under it, should function effectively.
Please, do let me know if these features work on the above mentioned models or not. I expect to get these issues resolved.

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It appears that 3 star AC do not support Energy tracking. But not confirmed by Samsung. When contacted Samsung support, they said they are aware of the issue. It is not appearing to be an issue but a feature missing. There are no models AI Pro and AI Pro Plus. It appears AI Pro Plus models support energy consumption. Any confirmation from Samsung on this?

But why the catalogue says that 3 star models support Energy Monitor.
In reality it doesn’t.