Enbrighten switch drivers?

Yea I was running custom device handler for Iris smart plug, MyQ garage door opener, dome motion sensor, neato botvac, king of fans, and the GE plus dimmer for the double tap functionality. I also use webcore for event based triggers, but looks like that is going away.

Check out the SharpTools rules engine as a replacement.


Hi @mikesbau

All of these devices are in the stock smartthings drivers and should be migrated automatically or manually if you want to install the zigbee switch driver from the smartthings channel.


They also exist in custom drivers and you can use them whenever you want.


All these devices are in the stock smartthings drivers and should be migrated automatically or manually if you want to install the Z-wave Switch or Z-Wave Sensor or Z-Wave Lock driver from the smartthings channel.

You can find the data of your devices in the .yml files of the beta smarttings drivers on github

So I was able to change the driver to Phil’s driver on the 2 new switches I added. I was going to add his driver to the rest of the dimers in my house. However the “driver” option does not show up under the device.

Do I have to remove it then re-add it to get this to work? If I just leave things will things transition automatically eventually?

If you want to use Phil’s driver immediately you will need to exclude and re-add the devices.

Eventually there should be an automatic transition from DTH to Edge drivers. At that point you may need to manually switch the driver using switch driver option.

Bringing back an old thread. All of my switches have been updated to edge drivers except one. There is one GE light switch that refuses to take Phils driver. I assume it must be old but I cant imagine its significantly older then my other GE switches. There always has to be one…ugh.

I’ve also had no luck with drivers for dome motion sensors

If you post the fingerprint here it may be possible to add it to the driver.

Data * MSR: 0063-4944-3235

  • manufacturer: Jasco Products
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_FAILED
    Raw Description zw:L type:1101 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:5.54 zwv:6.04 lib:03 cc:5E,26,85,59,86,72,55,5A,73,5B,9F,6C,70,22,7A

That fingerprint is already in the driver. Your device is not getting that driver because it has not registered with the hub properly. The raw description shows all zeros for the fingerprint and it did not set up S2 properly. I suggest you factory reset the device and attempt to add again via the QR code for the device or by adding the DSK when prompted if adding via Scan Nearby or Add by Brand.

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Yea that was it. Had to add an use the QR code to securely add. I don’t know why this was the only one that would not add without scanning the QR code. There always has to be one trouble maker.

Now I need to find a solution for Dome motion sensors. Also I have some Zwave curtains from zemismart. Have not found a zwave driver for it.

zwave zemismart Curtain

Data networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE
Raw Description zw:L type:1107 mfr:032C prod:3007 model:0005 ver:0.23 zwv:4.38 lib:06 cc:5E,86,72,73,8E,5A,85,59,70,25,26

zwave Dome motion sensor

Data networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE
Raw Description zw:S type:0701 mfr:021F prod:0003 model:0083 ver:3.92 zwv:4.05 lib:06 cc:5E,86,72,5A,73,80,31,71,30,70,85,59,84 role:06 ff:8C07 ui:8C07

Check this topic for the Dome sensor.

Haven’t seen anything about the Zemismart devices.

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I tried installing some of the zwave motion sensors from smartthings. They did not work. I’ll have to try the “old” driver see fi it works

Also another question after updating some cabinets light with new driver. I noticed execution location says cloud. I am also using a smart lighting app in smartthings. I noticed looks like they created a new smart lighting app. This one appears to run local. I use a Zwave light switch that when you double press it it turns on these zigbee cabinet lights. I use the smart lighting app to enable that feature.

To me it appears the execution location is incorrect. I disconnected my main internet connection. Then proceeded to double tap the switch. Lights came on double tap again lights go off. So appears not to need an external connection for it to work.

Ignore what you see in the IDE once you’ve converted a device to an Edge driver. The best place to see execution location is in the API Browser+ from @TAustin or in the ST CLI. Keep in mind, there are many things that can force execution to the cloud even if the device supports local execution. These are things I’ve found will force cloud execution:

  • Scenes
  • Lighting Groups
  • Member Location
  • Devices from cloud->cloud integrations
  • Notification actions
  • Weather triggers
  • STHM triggers and actions
  • “Any Day” time precondition
  • Cloud virtual devices
  • Devices on two different hubs

Also, many of the community Edge drivers expose association groups that allow a device’s actions to be mirrored to other devices without going through the hub. This eliminates using Smartlighting to sync behaviors.

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So I installed Mariano’s driver for the dome motion sensor and that to is now on edge.

Now just need to find a driver for my zemismart curtains


gocontrol WAPIRZ-1 motion sensor?

I tried to reinstall this motion sensor it seems to install with Mariano’s driver but it doesnt work. I also tried the smartthing driver and it also failed.

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Did you find a solution for the WAPIRZ-1 yet, Mike? Alas, I also have one of these oldies but goodies! Mine paired with Z-Wave Sensor PH–which I had installed earlier for another device. It’s close, but the Linear/Gocontrol WAPIRZ-1 device has both a contact sensor & motion sensor report (as well as Temperature and Tamper). Consequently, it shows in the app as a generic “Z-Wave Sensor,” reflecting the contact sensor state on the main tile. (One can pick motion, temperature, or tamper, as well, when setting up a routine.)

I just purchased an enbrighten smart motion switch. When I installed on smartthings I cannot see the motion. I remember the old device handlers but unsure about these edge drivers. Is there a way to pick a different edge driver to get my switch along with motion to work?

You want this community Edge driver from @philh30. Subscribe to his channel and install the driver. You can then switch drivers in the mobile app, the ST Advanced Web App, or the community developed ST API Browser+.


Thank you so much! That fixed it.