Issue with GE Embrighten Z Wave Dimmer Switch

Hey guys, I have been changing out all of the switches and outlets in my entire house. part of this project was also installing a bunch of smart switches. I decided on GE Embrighten switches, and I did I think 6 On-Off, 5 Dimmer, and 3 companion switches. Everything went great, except 1 dimmer switch. In my kitchen I have can lighting. The main kitchen is 5 or 6 cans, and then over the sink on a separate switch are 2 more. All of the cans are LED retrofit, and all are the same make/model.

The main lights in the kitchen work with 0 issues. The two above the sink however act very strangely. Starting out, when I turn them on they stay very low for a second, then kind of flicker/ratchet up to full. Then if I try to dim them they are substantially different output compared to the rest of the kitchen lights. For example, 30% on the main lights is very bright (probably too bright for that percentage) but the two over the sink are barely on at all. At full power they all seem to be the same, but as you go down they get further and further out from each other. I guess that could partly be a secondary problem of the main lights not going low enough, but one thing at a time.

I guess the main issue I have is the weird flicker turn on. I have a traditional dimmer in a bedroom that is doing the same thing, but I am 99% sure that is because those are non-dimmable LED bulbs. The ones in the kitchen are dimmable. Lets hear what you guys think! Thanks in advance for the help!

Not all dimmable bulbs are compatible with all dimmers. Even if they are compatible, it may not be enough load on the switch, causing strange behavior.

Check out the GE web page to see if they have recommended lights. If not, you may want to just try another pair of lights from a different brand.

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Load could be the issue for sure. Like I said they are all the same everything, but the main kitchen has 6 fixtures on 1 switch and this only has 2. I need to either rewire it so they both have 4 per switch, or maybe just make that one on/off.

Thanks for the reply!

Or try a different brand smart dimmer on the one giving problems

If I were a betting man I’d say load is the issue, especially since this is a dimmer switch. I would suggest buying one of these to see if it resolves the issue:

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