Best Dimming LED can light Dimmer switch combo

(Ryan) #1

Hi- I am building a shed in our backyard and looking for advice on the best combination of LED dimming can lights and dimmer switch that work with SmartThings. All of my recent experience has been trial and error with existing lights and trying dimmers that do not make the lights buzz and allow for the full dimming spectrum.
The shed will be new construction with a neutral wire, 4 overhead can style lights. Any recommendations on a tried and true combo of light manufactures and dimmer switches (zwave or zigbee…as long as they work with smartthings).


(Daven Maharaj) #2

I’m using these - Its a 4" slim led light which consists of a diver unit and trim housing. They come in various color temps 2700+ are easy to install and can be used in an insulated ceiling and suitable for damp locations.

They are paired with a GE/Jasco dimmer and work flawlessly. No flicker and dim to 2% and I have them wired with additional add-on switches to create 4 way dimmable slaves.

I have 40 lights throughout my house with a 2% failure rate in the first year.

(Ryan) #3

great… thank you.

(Jimmy) #4

Our house came with these and they work well with my GE z-wave dimmer.

I got these for finishing my basement. I haven’t installed then yet, but the reviews say they dim well and are much cheaper than the Seagull one.


We have LED recessed lighting in our house and you could kindda tell with the original Leviton switches. A bit of flicker I guess. When I added ST and switched my light switches to GE/Jasco dimmers the flicker was gone and the lights were much more pleasant. I haven’t hand and failures [fingers crossed].


I am using Hyperikon BR30 LED indoor floods with the ge/jasco dimmer and they work great. No issues.

(Dave N) #7

I switched to Linear’s as they dim better (lower and more linear) than the GE - at least v1. The also support Double Tap which doesn’t seem to work on my older GE’s.
Philips lights are throughout my house and work flawlessly with no buzz.

(Daven Maharaj) #8

I haven’t t tried double tap on my GE’s…Will let you know what happens. Double tap is a feature I am looking for so my fingers are crossed.

(James) #9

I just installed 4 can lights in my kitchen. Cans are Halo IC from HomeDepot, here are the led’s I used. Got them for $27 Lowes[com.lowes.commerce.storelocator.beans.LocatorStoreBean%40727d727d]&storeNumber=2299&kpid=999919852&cm_mmc=SCE_PLA--FashionFixtures--RecessedLighting-_-999919852%3AUtilitech&CAWELAID=&CAWELAID=320011480006404263

I’m using a GE switch, 3-way with companion switch.

I had access so I was able to use new construction can’s. The Led’s look great. High quality, good light, 2700k 65w. The white trim is a metal, not plastic. When turned off, they dim to off pretty quick.


There is a thread somewhere here that said that double tap worked with the GE Smart Dimmers / Paddles. I always keep forgetting to check though…

(Ryan) #11

Which model ge dimmer are you using?

(Daven Maharaj) #12

Could not get my GE dimmers to double tap…

Will try and replace a few with Linear as suggested.