Enbrighten 52252 Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer no neutral

Another year, another renovation. This time, it’s the older part of the house, and all the existing dimmers are run with no neutral.

ZOOZ is quite clear on there help page that a neutral is required with all current shipping products.

Jasco has the new 52252 that @JDRoberts posted about last year.

Inovelli doesn’t appear to have stock anywhere I’ve looked

So is the only answer at this point the 52252 from Jasco?

Does it have to be zwave?

Great question.
I’d like it to be zwave. I don’t have zibee, and matter doesn’t exist yet. I guess I could do WiFi, but it’d be my first WiFi device.

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Ok, for zwave, another option is the Aeotec nano dimmer, which can be used without a neutral in some configurations, although it depends on the bulbs being used as well.

It’s in stock at some specialty retailers.

Although the nano itself is less expensive than the GE, most people do end up getting a special cover switch for it so the costs probably come out to be about the same.

At my own house, as I’ve mentioned before, we use Lutron Caseta dimmers which don’t require a neutral. Very reliable, exceptional engineering. But they use their own proprietary frequency with their own smart bridge device, so you may not want to go down that path.

I have some new/open box black Innoveli dimmers as well as a few red dimmers. How many are you looking for?