Jasco Adds New “No Neutral” Zwave Dimmer that works with Dimmable LED Bulbs (2021)

This is interesting. Jasco’s Enbrighten line has had a few “no neutral“ dimmer models in the past, but they were always limited to incandescents and halogens. (Resistive Loads) . This new model will also work with dimmable CFL‘s and LEDs.

I am told by a friend that they were specifically interested in entry lights because of their “mutual assistance“ deal with ring security, but I haven’t seen that published anywhere.

Anyway, I know this will be a welcome model for many people. :sunglasses:

@jkp points out that previous “Enbrighten“ models also had the GE logo, but a couple of the newer devices, including this one, don’t. Jasco has always put out the same device under a couple of different names, so I don’t know if this means anything or not, or if it’s just that they haven’t yet added the newest models to their GE license.

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I think these came out around a month ago. Down to 2W is pretty impressive.

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These have been out for like ever…I have some GE ones with a 1309 date code on them. No neutral, works with dimmable LEDs.

What’s the model number? The one I linked to, model number 52252, is flagged as new on the manufacturer site, and only has five reviews at Amazon, with the first review being from March 2021.

Jasco makes a lot of different Z wave switches that have an identical case, but are different inside. :sunglasses:

these are 45639

Right, that’s an older model. It’s not zwave plus and it was only spec’d to work with incandescent lights.

This switch is designed for use only with permanently installed incandescent fixtures.


If it worked in your configuration, that’s great, but as @prjct92eh2 noted The new one is specifically designed to handle dimmable LEDs and can go down to a 2W load without flickers, so it should appeal to a lot of people Who weren’t able to use the older model. :sunglasses:

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I noticed no remote as Lutron has.

you could use a Zooz ZEN34 remote with it.

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