Emulated Keypad and Configurable Tile Lables

Trying to emulate some of my old X-10 use cases in SmartThings, I have been adopting a keypad device to be used within the SmartThings app to set scenes in rooms. I created a 8 button remote but can’t find a way to use configuration to change the labels of the tiles. I thought it would be as easy as putting in preferences that can be called up by the “gear” icon on the device page but what I end up with is “null” for the button labels after the save.

After closer reading in the developer documentation it appears that values declared in the “metadata” section of the device handler cannot be used for elements of tiles.

Any recommendations of how to dynamically set labels of the buttons in the UI for the SmartThings DTH’s? Here is a link to the code I have been working on, thanks:

I use eight preset buttons in a device handler. I change the button label based on the attribute value and (as well) the action to be performed. You can look at my code at: https://github.com/DaveGut/Samsung-WiFi-Soundbar-Speaker-with-SmartThings-Integration

This is one I used to create an 10 button remote for my LEDs.

What you would have to do is go in and change the text between the quotes under “Label” for each button. Now, one thing to note, i got through all this and then each of the buttons is not exposed to ActionTiles. So, the only place I could use it is in the ST app, which i try to use infrequently since it takes so damn long to load. So, you might want to look for a different option depending on what you use for control most often.