Electric Imp Integration: A simple environmental monitor for 35$

Warning:Relevant yet Shameless Plug
I recently wrote a blog about integrating Electric Imp devices in to SmartThings. The project creates a smart app which receives secure data from electric imp and allows the user to create virtual devices within smart things to write named values to from Electric Imp. Writing data in the other direction, while not in the scope of the project, would be easy to implement.
Electric Imp uses a language called squirrel, and is a pretty neat way to get up and running.

The project is available on GitHub


I can’t seem to get this Electric Imp integration code to work with Smartthings. Has there been a change to SmartThings that would prevent this from working anymore?

Probably, The oauth process was changed a few years ago. @tgauchat or one of the other grandmaster coders might know. :sunglasses: