Electric Baseboard thermostat control via ST

@CharlieSinope what I’m saying here is that when I switched to the native integration, all my Sinope thermostats (15 of them) no longer show as a thermostat in any thermostat control app in ST.

Here’s a screenshot

So if I want to be able to use, for example, an app that will schedule the thermostats based on mode or time of day, or program them in any way at all, I can’t do that anymore. By switching to native integration all I can do is manually set each thermostat which at that point its no different than walking up and pressing the buttons.

The original v1.0.0 of the driver, before there was native integration, also had this issue because it was missing the line saying there was thermostat capabilities.

@CharlieSinope any update on this? It’d be great to have the thermostat capability re-added with the native integration so users can use these as programmable thermostats again instead of just manually.

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but trying to keep everything together.

Not sure if this is the same issue (it sounds like it?), but the new version of the Smartthings app for android recently stopped giving me the ability to control the temperature via the app. It’s missing that function. See screenshot:

If I understand things correctly, with native device handling now in place, I should delete this device handler…although I will likely ruin my Webcore settings?

Sorry if this is a simple question, but it’s driving me bonkers and I keep going around in circles trying to figure it out.

One other hint, the status of the heaters has always shown on the new app as “Checking status” (am I doing something wrong with that too?), but I’ve been able to change the temperature (at least by whole numbers), although the classic app (helpfully) allowed me to change by .5 increments. Again, am I doing something wrong or has that added functionality been removed?

Am I on drugs to think that the new app, which we’re now required to use, is worse/buggier than the old one or have I got some setting/understanding fundamentally screwy?

I don’t want to mess up my Webcore stuff as that took me forever to setup and I’m not sure really understand how it’s working!



Thank you (!!!) and will do!

I also had this problem – I added Sinope support to my email thread. [support@sinopetech.com]

As an additional slap in the face, deleting the device deleted 4 scenes and 4 automations.
IIRC, in the old app, those would stay and we could simply re-link the re-added device.
Nasty change.

Hope a fix is imminent

Also having this problem with the Sinope TH1123ZB.

emailed smartthings support and sinope support

Curious if this has been resolved. I’m in the market for connected thermostats for electric baseboard heating and these appear to do the trick.

It is still ongoing, the last update from a few days ago:

But do you see the irony in this issue? It is heating season in the US and the Europe as well… Hahaha

Thanks for the note. Do we know yet if this is an issue on the ST side or the Sinope side?

@CharlieSinope are you able to provide any additional context?

It is an ST issue in the UX plugin of the new and only app. Someone screwed up something on the cloud side.

Hi @ultrazero ,

It is an issue with SmartThings. This affects many brands of thermostats.
We have contacted SmartThings and they are working on it.

The Sinopé Team


Have they given you an ETA? Using my TH1120RF-3000 thermostats to trigger things with THE reason I went and got a SmartThings hub rather than an Alexa with an integrated hub.

Hi @Bytor
Here is what the SmartThings team told us:

" At the moment, our team keeps investigating the mapping of this capability. Unfortunately, there’s no ETA for the release of the fix. "

Please excuse me, but this answer from SmartThings is a joke.

They should know exactly who was changing and what on the capability representation and exactly what has been changed. In the middle of the heating season, this answer is a joke.
To change the representation last time to accept decimal point values, like 20.5 C, took about a half year. And it was a similar level fix. Maybe in the middle of the summer we will be able to set temperature again on the Thermostats.

But to note, support told some people that Automations/Scenes should still work.

Tagging @blake.arnold just to keep him in the loop.

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Try setting the temperature using a Scene, BTW, or webCORE. It works for my Stelpro.

As a temporary fix you can change the thermostats device type to “zigbee thermostat” in IDE. It solved the issue for my sinope and stelpro zigbee thermostat

For TRVs it is resolved already. Try to set your DH back to the original. The heating setpoint is working again.

@CharlieSinope I purchased a TH1124ZB thermostat earlier this year and was never able to get it connected to my ST app. I worked with Sinope support for about a month and they finally said the problem was on the SmartThings side and the device was not supported. Reading this thread it sounds like the thermostat should have no problems connecting to ST right now. I still am not able to connect, when I scan for available devices it is not found and when I try to pair it by selecting the exact device in the ST app it errors out after several minutes. It seem the thermostat may be defective?