Everspring AN163 Energy Switch

Just thought I’d share… The Everspring AN163 switch works with SmartThings, but you will need to switch the device type in the IDE to get the full benefits. By default, it will get added as a simple switch or relay. If you then change it to a Z-Wave Metering Switch, you’ll get the energy readings on the device, as well as the switch functions. Nice switch, generally runs around $26-27 on Amazon. And as with most AC devices, it also acts as a z-wave repeater.

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I purchased two of these control modules from Amazon. They installed and paired just fine. I did use the Z-Wave Metering Switch device type in the IDE interface. It reports the current power usage just fine, but the total kW reading remains at 0. Does anyone know how to get the total kW reading to function correctly?

If there is no way to get this to function correctly, then I guess I will return them to Amazon and buy a couple more Peanut modules. I have 2 of these installed and they work great and the reporting works correctly.