Edit Installed Things

Being new I need some help.
I have to change some times on all ready installed things.
How do I do it?

Be more specific.

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want to change previously set times for on & off

Using what?? People need more details to be able to help. We can’t see or understand what your thinking or using. Specifics??
Are you using smartlighting, CoRE, using switches or bulbs. Ect…

Trust me someone will help. That’s the best part about this forum! !


Welcome! When you first add a device to SmartThings, it usually suggests a smart app for you to use with it. After the initial set up, you can get back to that smart app by looking at the device details. :sunglasses:

.1. Open the SmartThings mobile app

.2. Choose the “my home” Icon at the bottom of the page (4 small squares)

.3. Choose “things” at the top of the page

.4. Find the device that you want to change the schedule for. Click on the name of the device (not the icons on the left or the right of it, just the actual name).

.5. Now the details page for this device is open. Click on “SmartApps” at the top right of the page.

.6. This will show you all of the smartapps that have been associated with this device. Now just click on the one where you want to change the schedule.

If you use the device in any routines, they will also show up on this list. So this is the simplest way to find any place that you might have set a schedule for this device.