How do I configure the actions based on a device after it's been installed?

I’m still new to SmartThings and I feel like this is a stupid question, but for the life of me I can’t figure out the answer.

I have a SmartThings Multi Sensor. When I originally set it up, I first set it to alert me when it was open/closed. I also want to use the vibration sensor for alerts, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to update/change/tweak the configuration once it’s set up. (And this isn’t just limited to the Multi Sensor…I can’t find the configuration screen for any of my devices after the initial setup.) Surely I’m missing something that’s probably obvious. Help?


Go to settings of the device. Then push the “SmartApps” button. It should show all of the SmartApps in which that device is currently used.

Go to the Things screen of the Dashboard.

Each installed Device has a little Gear icon. Tap that gear to get to the device settings.

The exact settings available will vary by device, but they’ll all have a SmartApps tile.

Tap that to see which SmartApps are set up to use this device.

OK, so I get to the Smart Apps screen and I see Open/Close Monitor listed as the only SmartApp currently set up to use the device. But how do I add another SmartApp – specifically the Move Monitor?

(As an aside, I have another Multi Sensor that I somehow managed to set up with both an Open/Close Monitor and a Moved Monitor. But when I open the Move Monitor for the second Multi Sensor it doesn’t allow me to pick both of the Multi Sensors.)

I figured it out and will share the solution here in case others are having the same problem that I did. (Honestly, I find it very counter intuitive.)

I went to the Dashboard, then clicked Damage & Danger, then clicked the gear icon, where I could then select the correct sensor, add additional triggers or change the configuration for existing triggers.

Can anybody confirm that the “SmartApps” Tile shows up in the Windows Phone app? I am obviously new to this, but have plundered in the individual device(s) properties many times searching for ways to reconfigure and this post is the first time I’ve ever seen mention of the SmartApps tile.