[Edge] Wake-on-LAN via Alexa command

This is excellent and working perfectly, I am using it to turn on 2 TVs and 2 PCs.
I would sure like to be able to turn off the PCs too.
Any chance you would get something like this working that I believe is now obsolete because of ST changes?:

Hi. I don’t really know EventGhost and haven’t used it. Is it still a maintained project? Their web page isn’t reachable for me right now.

If they have an HTTP interface then it might be a simple matter of using my web requestor driver to send it commands.

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As far as I can tell EventGhost is obsolete too but now that you say that…
http://www.airytec.com/ should be able to handle the commands.

Here’s an example implementation albeit for use in Homebridge includes polling which would be great for a tile within ST.

It looks like you could try sending it this request from webrequestor:

Although it’s not clear if it will require authentication, in which case it might not work.

Wanted to thank you for this as it was a piece that I needed to replace webcore functionality that I had before. I tried this on Google Home and it worked perfectly.


Hey @TAustin - this is awesome! Thank you so much. Just today I came across both your WoL and WebRequestor drivers, and within 10 minutes had both installed and working beautifully to turn my home server on and off using Google Assistant.

Please let me know if you have a BuyMeACoffee page or something similar (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/).

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Thanks for the kind words. See link in my profile!

If you also wanna be able to suspend your Linux system, Virtual WOL Switch and Edge PC Control Driver works great with sleep-on-lan which you can get from github. You just have to install sleep-on-lan on your Linux and enter your targets MAC address in reverse at mobile app (for example a1:b2:c3:d4:e5:f6 > f6:e5:d4:c3:b2:a1).

Thanks a million for TAustin and your valuable effort for the ST community.