Edge Transition impact on Routines

Last week, my first Edge auto migration in two months occurred with the Z wave Window Treatment driver. I noticed my Routines were turned off after they were updated, so I turned them back on. I checked the operation and everything seemed ok, so I left on my trip and returned yesterday. I was surprised to see the shades close automatically when they shouldn’t have during the winter. After reviewing the routines, I realized that one of the logic items had been deleted from each routine, even though it was not impacted by the Edge transition. In this case, I recalled the logic and had also taken pictures of the routines before, but just as an FYI, it appears the routine logic can break even if the Driver transfer is fine. Have others experienced this?

Haven’t experienced this exactly, but I set my shades using scenes. Out of three shades (plus one that I moved to Edge myself a while back when resolving another issue), one of them had no action set in the scenes - that one may have been using a different DTH from the rest, and the particular capability (dimmer or preset position, probably) that I used in the scene didn’t transfer directly into the new driver.