Is there a way to force edge without losing routines

I really need to update a motion sensor but don’t want to lose any of its routines etc.


create a virtual sensor and substitute it with the real sensor in the routine. Then remove the sensor and pair it back with an Edge Driver. Go back to your Routines and change the virtual sensor back to the real one.

Otherwise, you can wait for ST to migrate it to an Edge Driver.

Yeah that works thanks.
I meant for everything, smartlighting, scenes etc. Like is there a way to just update it.

only two ways…

  • manually remove it and pair it back with an Edge Driver
  • wait for ST to automatically migrate it from DTH to an Edge Driver

unfortunately there is no tool or other methods to do it yourself other than what is described above.


Ok thanks.
The only reason I ask is because I have a relatively new Aeotec sensor I bought that came with edge.
This motion sensor can run locally with a routine that monitors the temp on it and can switch off another local plug.

When I try this with another Aeotec motion that doesn’t have edge, this routine doesn’t run local.