[EDGE] PurpleAir Air Quality Edge Driver

I am making available an Edge driver for air quality measurements, that is based on an original Groovy-based driver.

PurpleAir provides realtime monitoring of air quality. You can use your own sensors, or access the many sensors in your geographic area. A free access key can be obtained from their website.

PurpleAir provides a RESTful API to access their sensors via the internet, but because Edge drivers are normally limited to communicating to the local network only, in order to use this driver, you will need to be running my edgebridge application on an always-on LAN computer (Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux). This application provides a ‘proxy’ or ‘bridge’ for forwarding the API requests to addresses outside the local network.


  • Displays AQI, AQI category, and sensor names
  • Average of multiple sensors within a defined latitude/longitude coordinate box, or use a specific sensor by index number
  • Automatic periodic updates
  • Dynamically change the update interval via automations

Thanks to @bthrock for requesting this driver and testing it.

The driver is available on my test channel now, and more information is available in the github README file.