[EDGE] Awair Air Quality Sensor using Local API: Connection Closed issue (link to driver in post #39)

Hey guys,

I am new to Smartthings and I just started writing an Edge Device Driver using a Smartthings Hub V3 and an Awair Air Quality Sensor. The idea is to make a driver that enables the above devices to communicate with each other via Local API and to pull up data from Awair Local API as a JSON string.

I have tried mimicking the sample driver from this tutorial here:

Tutorial | Creating Drivers for LAN Devices with SmartThings Edge - Developer Programs / Tutorials - SmartThings Community.

However, I keep getting the GET request closed (I was getting a timeout before) when I try to do a socket http request to the IP address (I manage to get connections with other websites/local IP addresses).

I hope that you guys can help me out with this. Thank you very much in advance.

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Can you share the request you made over a DM, please? This is to avoid posting private info here

Hi @nayelyz !
Sorry if this question seems obvious, but how exactly do I send you a DM? I’m still really new to the community.

No problem, @sleepdeprived. We already got your email, we can continue our conversation there :smiley:
Just as a reference, to send a DM, you can enter the user’s profile and you’ll see the button below in the right side of the page, near to the top:

Any luck with this?

Also interested, I had the awair local DTH that I’m currently using but with the example provided for LAN devices I was not able to figure out the new edge driver stuff. The overall logic isn’t difficult to understand of what it needs to do I just can’t figure out the new edge stuff. I have a post on here I can share with the old DTH local awair code.

here is already existing edge driver for AWAIR devices i found it today

works better than i was expecting with more advanced settings than ever before

just install the driver below

For some reason the link just gets me to a page that doesn’t load.
Any thoughts?

works fine for me, try to refresh it or wait a minute before it loaded

also youtube instructions , 어웨어 엣지 드라이버 설치방법 : 스마트싱스 - 어웨어 연동 - YouTube

Youtube video has a link with the edge driver that loads. The first one didn’t load. Going to try it out, thanks so much for finding something. Hopefully the person pushes the driver to their github because I don’t see it on there and it would be nice to be able to tweak things if need be.

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Same here.

Translated from the korean website. looks like they cant integrate it into smartthings air like the official awair integration did. also it displays a bunch of parameters on the tile of the awair and of course its in celsius haha. This is something I was hoping to customize like I ended up doing with the local awair DTH.

  • Not displayed on SmartThings Air.

SmartThings Air is closed and there is no way to add it.

(Map 1517 tried a detour using several presentation vids, but failed)

This driver is displaying F° for me.

when you select the device yes but look at it when you are in the room. the tile will display in celsius along with humidity, co2 etc as the status of the device

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Shot in the dark but going to tag the developers to see if they are willing to post the edge driver to github.

@jido1517 @iquix

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I see that now. Thanks.

I got my Awair Elements recently and this is the first time I have hooked it up to ST. I see “Air Care” in my App and it is displaying two readings for outdoor air, but says I have no indoor monitors. I wonder if it only works with Groovy DTHs?

The smartthings air integration used to show awair element devices when awair had an official integration. When they removed it everyone relied on the local awair DTH and now with the switch to edge we finally have this driver. But like the developer said they can’t integrate into smartthings air because there is probably no access via edge yet.

Is that the same as Air Care in the Life section of the app?