Edge Drivers

Unfortunately, edge driver link you sent me in your reply didnt open, would you please try to send me the link again…

You may want to provide more info in your post. Who sent you the link? Which Edge driver?

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Sorry I was mising some messages…
I’m using zigbee QBKG04LM Wall Switch (No Neutral, triple Rocker), would you please provide me with the dvice driver.

Also for the motion sensor and the door sensor, they always shows low battery while battery is new, and that happend only after I change to SmartThings edge

Curious what motion sensor and door sensor you are using.
I have some Third Reality motion and door sensors that report their battery level about 40% of what they actually are.

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I got aqara type motion and contact sensor, and the good news is after removing the devices and integrated again, they are working perfectly and battery issue resolved.

The only thing I’m still looking for is tge driver for QBKG04LM Wall Switch (No Neutral, triple Rocker), if you can help…