Edge drivers for telnet/raw tcp controlled devices

Need a bit of a pointer here from someone who might have come across an edge driver I can tweak - I have a very niche problem in that my AV amplifier is controlled via telnet, which is just obtuse of Pioneer to do.

I have a DTH I wrote that was a horrible task as local traffic on DTHs wasn’t pleasant.

I now need to make an Edge driver for this. Material to crib from was scarce before but I can’t see any examples of raw network traffic in what I’ve seen. It can’t be wrapped in anything nice like HTTP webhooks, I just have to literally send an integer to a designated port using a basic TCP connection.

Any ideas?!

Very happy to do the coding, but I’d really like to have a reference point to work from



Have you looked at this app yet? @TAustin may be able to provide some pointers.

This may actually be closer to what you need.

There are several people who have done something similar, although it always comes down to the details.

Take a look at the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki and find the one for “edge services.“ If there isn’t something there you can use directly, talking to the authors of those drivers should be helpful. :sunglasses:


Also check the list for audio visual devices, I know there’s at least one pioneer device on that list.

This driver supports Onkyo and Pioneer AV Receivers that accept eISCP commands.

Depending on the vintage of your receiver, this might already support it. If not, the GitHub repo is linked which may give you a good starting point.


Yeah unfortunately this is just prior to Pioneer changing their AV system to be Onkyo and this doesn’t support http (well not reliably…there is a very rudimentary iPhone app that I could reverse engineer using wireshark I’m sure to find the http calls but the web interface fails to respond more often than it works (requiring a reboot that necessitates moving the whole AV cabinet to get to the power socket) while the raw port seems to be 100% reliable) and it doesn’t support eICSP commands either. When I mean I have to send an integer in the raw to a port I literally mean that, so any library that sends http or tries to wrap commands cleverly won’t help.

I’ve been through the edge drivers and I can’t see quite the right thing, though obviously I haven’t read all the code I have made assumptions on how they interact. I’m hoping someone has done a local interaction I can copy hidden in there somewhere.

I really don’t want to run edgebridge, that means running a pi/pc for the sole purpose of controlling my amp once or twice a day, which is completely excessive power usage for such little benefit!

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That last link to the pioneer/onkyo does have one interesting function in that you can hand craft commands and send them raw. I can’t use that command format but I could hopefully send an integer. I will need to rewrite the response processing to handle the returned states but I’m hoping that under that code is raw sender that doesn’t wrap the text with anything….

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