Edge drivers for Eaton Z-Wave collection

I own a number of z-wave devices from Eaton that I bought at Lowes when my Jasco stuff malfunctioned and I didn’t want to wait for Amazon to deliver a new one. Anyway… I have the RF9601 switch and the RFTR9605 outlet. I was considering getting the RF9617 (anywhere) accessory switch but I’ve heard of too many problems with ST using it.

Anyone heard of an edge driver for this coming any time soon?

Most of the zwave plus Eaton devices will work with the stock Edge zwave drivers once they have the generic device class match enabled (that should be when they are no longer in beta). The RF96 outlet works fine with it.

Of course you don’t get the custom parameters/settings but basic operation should be fine.

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agreed. with Eaton being such a large company, I’m hoping that they issue edge drivers with all the features.

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Historically with the exception of Philips Hue, the bigger the company, the less interest they have had in doing something which is required only by smartthings. They already invest time and money in getting the standard third-party certification for zwave. They tend to take the position that anything beyond that required by a specific hub should be provided by that hub’s manufacturer. It’s not an unreasonable business position, although it is less convenient for us as customers.

Fortunately, community developers often step in and fill the gap, as has happened in this case. :sunglasses:

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Yeah, that’s unfortunate. Imagine if Microsoft had to write drivers for every piece of hardware you installed on your PC? Or worse, if windows USERS had to code drivers. Hopefully 2023 will be the year that this gets easier.

Also, you said “only by smartthings”. This is the largest (certainly in the top 3) ecosystems. Manufacturers need to come to the table prepared to play.

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Ok, so new question: Is there a way on Smartthings CLI to send a command to set one of these parameters (assuming that the device is on a generic edge driver)? This is a screenshot from the instruction sheet.

No The CLI doesn’t understand zwave parameters. Its higher level than that.

There are some community drivers that all you to set a zwave parameter to a value. Works with any device. @Mariano_Colmenarejo I believe has one. Search on here.

The driver Corey is referring to is “Z-Wave Device Config Mc”.

Caution, you will loose your routines when you switch to the temporary driver.