Edge drivers and wiring to external open close sensor

Hey all, has anyone wired an external sensor to an open\close sensor (primarily Ecolink or Aoetec) successfully with an Edge driver? I am no longer able to have the external device register. Once the open\close sensor is connected to the device it only shows as closed.

Yes, I have an Ecolink that I am using the external contacts on and it’s on an Edge driver and working well.

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I have an Ecolink Open/Close sensor (fingerprint 014A-0004-0002) with an external contact sensor wired to it. I’m using the Z-Wave Sensor PH Edge driver from @philh30 and it works fine.

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I should have also mentioned this. I’m using the same driver.

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Thanks, maybe it’s me. I have tried those drivers but I cannot get the external sensor to register open\closed on the sensor? I removed it, added it, changed drivers etc… What type of external sensor are you using?

I use this:

One of my Ecolinks went bad some time back. It was eating batteries and I initially assumed it was a bad batch of batteries. I even went as far as hardwiring the power on it as it just worked out I had a power source nearby. But what I eventually discovered is the little switch to detect the cover had gone bad and the device was send non-stop tamper alerts. I replaced the Ecolink with a new one and all is well again.

I have been using these - But now the minute I connect them they show as closed and do not recognize any changes.

I just set up an aeotec open/closed sensor pro 7 with the aeotec provided edge driver on my gate (external dry contact sensor). Just had to change one setting in the config and wire it up. Works great. Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro (ZWA012) with dry contact sensors : Aeotec Help Desk