Edge Driver Xfinity Contact Sensor

Been looking for an edge driver for the Xfinity zigbee contact sensors. They are working right now in ST with the Tyco Door/Window sensors groovy DTH. Tried the zigbee contact driver that was released, but all that showed up was “connected”. Anyone find anything that works for these yet? I have 26 in my system. I really don’t want to have to replace all those.

Hi @Ogbulldog2012
I added your device to this version of this driver.

│ Name        │ Zigbee Contact Mc                    │
│ Version     │ 2022-06-08T19:10:21.365969244        │

I have copied the manufacturer and model and I hope I have not made a mistake.

  - id: "Universal Electronics/URC4460BC0-X-R"
    deviceLabel: Open/Closed Sensor
    manufacturer: Universal Electronics Inc
    model: URC4460BC0-X-R
    deviceProfileName: contact-profile

I have set the battery minimum and maximum to 2.1v and 3.0v, just like the DTH, it should indicate the same with the driver.

Remember that you have to install the driver Zigbee Contact Mc in your HUB from channel and remove each device with the app and re-pair it by searching nearby.

Tell me if it works well

Channel link

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I will try it out tonight. Thank you for the quick response.

I deleted the sensors and republished two. They both seem to be working correctly. When I click the three dots, it shows the driver information. For some reason, on my account.samsung page, it still shows them as cloud execution instead of local. But they seem to be much more responsive and working correctly. Thank you again for the quick add.

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This is expected since the old Groovy platform doesn’t know how to handle Edge drivers.