(EDGE Driver-Mc) Zigbee switch MC, Zigbee switch power MC, Zigbee multi switch and child MC

Never mind, it started working after a while.


Hi Mariano. I have water leak sensor but I dont have driver edge… Could You help me?

You have driver in your repository, but when I search new device always install as a zigbee thing. Not a moisture sensor. When I change driver manually to moisture sensor I have information about setting dont load. And water test

false. :frowning:

Hi, @Zbigniew_Wypij

It should be paired with zigbee moisture Mc driver.

Try to delete zigbee thing Mc and pairs device near of the hub

I will try but when I delete zigbee thing mc and then I install water leak sensor i still have zigbee thing. I dont know what Im doing wrong…:frowning:

Added to his driver version

You need install this driver version
uninstall device and reinstall device

You do not perform a driver change

 Name         Zigbee Switch Power Mc
 Version      2024-02-12T12:40:12.595075886        
- id: "innr/SP 242"
    deviceLabel: SP 242 Outlet
    manufacturer: innr
    model: SP 242
    deviceProfileName: switch-power-energy-plug

Many thanks - I deleted the device, updated the driver, however I only have on/off capability showing, nothing for power (nor signal metrics). I have tried reinstalling a few times, and also I deleted the driver and reinstalled, but that didn’t help.

EDIT It’s just come to life now - ignore me :slight_smile:

Hi Mariano. Now I have two water leak sensor but when I install water leak sensor after 1 hour is going offline… Why? Smoke sensor is ok.


If you were not able to pair devices directly with the zigbee moisture Mc driver and you made a driver change from zigbee thing Mc, then the device may not have been configured correctly and does not send periodic reports and appears offline after a while.

If it pairs correctly, then it is possible that the zigbee signal is not of sufficient quality or strength.
You should try adding a zigbee repeater, a plug for example, between the devices and the hub

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Hi Mariano,

Is it possible to add zigbee dual channel current clamps? (power meter)

Device Information
Manufacturer: _TZE204_81yrt3lo
Model: TS0601
FingerPrinted_EndPoint.ld: 0x01
App Version: 0x4A
ZCL Version: Ox03
Network ID: 0x6711
Zigbee EUI: A4C138358A065E48
Device ID:2aaad65c-b15f-4c16-a18d-

Thank you so much

Edit: I have found additional information at this link:

Hi @Sleck94

Sorry this device uses Tuya cluster EF00 and does not work with standard drivers.

Try with tuya personal EF00 drivers

Hi! @Mariano_Colmenarejo
Can you add the fingerprint profile for this device?

id: β€œ_TZ3000_ufhtxr59/TS0044”
deviceLabel: β€œScene Switch”
manufacturer: β€œ_TZ3000_ufhtxr59”
model: β€œTS0044”
deviceProfileName: 4-button-battery

i guess that could work under the β€œZigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc” driver ?
But it is actually a 4-button scene switch with CR2032 battery.

Thank you for your great work and effort!


Sorry, I do not have any driver for zigbee multi-buttons

Hello @Mariano_Colmenarejo,

I kindly request adding the HeiHome 2-button switch to β€œZigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc” driver.
I appreciate your fantastic efforts as always.

Best Regards.

Hi @sungkeun_kim

Added to his driver version

You need install this driver version
uninstall device and reinstall device

You do not perform a driver change

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2024-02-15T23:07:42.698237863
- id: "TS0002/_TZ3000_tas0zemd"
    deviceLabel: TS0002 Two Switch
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_tas0zemd
    model: TS0002
    deviceProfileName: two-switch

Thank you Sooooooooooooooooooo much!!

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