(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Switch Mc, Zigbee Switch Power Mc, Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc

I want to understand that this is the 2 gang one, it has already existed in the driver for a long time and it should work with the driver Mc

I want to understand that this is the 3 gang one and it only shows 1 gang. I have added it to this version of the driver.

  • Uninstall the devices with App
  • Uninstall the OLD driver version from your Hub.
  • Install this new version on your Hub
  • Put them in pairing mode and as close to the Hub as you can.
  • With the App, add device with the Search Nearby option
 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2023-11-19T22:03:21.201442145        
- id: "FeiBit/FB56-ZSW1IKJ2.7"
    deviceLabel: FeiBit 3 Switch
    manufacturer: Feibit Inc co.
    model: FB56+ZSW1IKJ2.7
    deviceProfileName: three-switch

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo Can you add the device below to the multi switch driver? There are two switches and a socket.

I would like to be able to control it separately

thanks in advance

Hi @Raimundo

Added to this driver version

You must delete device and pair again with this driver version, Change driver does not works fine

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2023-11-26T22:41:19.209889528       
- id: "TS0003/_TZ3000_lubfc1t5v"
    deviceLabel: Two Switch & One Plug 
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_lubfc1t5
    model: TS0003
    deviceProfileName: three-outlet

Can You add fingerprint for bseed 2 gang zigbee switch?
Manufacturer: _TZ3000_e98krvvk
Model: TS0012
Profile: two-switch
just checked and it works fine

Added to this driver version

Uninstall device
install new driver version from my channel
Add device again with app

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-11-29T21:06:37.901426884
- id: "TS0012/_TZ3000_e98krvvk"
    deviceLabel: Two Switch
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_e98krvvk
    model: TS0012
    deviceProfileName: two-switch
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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Would you be able to help add a driver for the following button? It’s supposed to have single and double click support. The button gets added to SmartThings but I can’t get any button pushes to work.

These are the device details:

Manufacturer: _TZ3000_8rppvwda

Model: TS0041

FingerPrinted_EndPoint.Id: 0x01

App Version: Unknown

ZCL Version: Unknown

ZigBee EUI: A4C1387765A43E2F

Device Name: basic-switch

Device ID: e7f80192-c37c-4d4b-be99-be6b40af4786

Presentation ID: 0b49a9a6-e730-357d-a9f6-6ad05a24b5c9

Many thanks

Hi @Glacieruk

Sorry, I don’t have any driver for zigbee multiple buttons

No problem, thanks for checking

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
I’m interested to install Moes Zigbee switch modules 2 gang ZRM-104B-MS, and I wonder if they can be used with your β€œZigbee multi switch and child Mc” driver.
By the way, the fingerprints.yml file is not available to see the content.

The file is in v4.5, i will change

The fingerptints are manufacturer code and model, not the brand model

Hi Mariano,
I purchased a ZIgbee RGB controler. It works with Tuya very well, but when I try to add it to smarthings it only turns on the red color and I can’t change it. Looks like there’s some bug in it .

Would it be possible to check the driver?

Hi @Sebastian_M

Added to this driver version.

I think you need uninstall and reinstall device with this new version to device configure.

Other models TS0503B were configured as color hue and saturation attribute. If color not works fine tell me and i will change it to x,y attribute

 Name         Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc
 Version      2023-12-04T20:59:28.818048602
- id: "_TZ3210_g0qr1fqo/TS0503B"
    deviceLabel: RGBW TS0503B
    manufacturer: _TZ3210_g0qr1fqo
    model: TS0503B
    deviceProfileName: rgbw-level-colortemp-2000-6500

It works just fine! Thanks. I can’t see any bugs so far

Do you think any of your drivers will support Ikea Rodret switch / dimmer,?

The following devices have been added to this version of the Zigbee Switch Power Mc driver:

Frient Smart DIN Relay:

with measurement of power, energy, voltage and internal temperature of the device.

The identical device from the Develco manufacturer has also been added to the same profile.
Users as @Atlebk, who were using the develco device with the old profile have to uninstall and reinstall it for the new profile to be assigned

@S.F.B, The SPLZB-131 Plug models from Frient and Develco have also been added to this profile with energy, power, device temperature and voltage custom reports.

Namron ZigBee Termostatplugg 16A

In this driver device is configured to be used as a smart plug without a thermostat.
To use it as a thermostat, the zigbee thermostat Mc driver has been modified too, but the tests are still finished.

 Name         Zigbee Switch Power Mc
 Version      2023-12-09T19:05:43.892809175        
- id: "SMRZB-332/frient A/S"
    deviceLabel: SMRZB-332 Relay Din
    manufacturer: frient A/S
    model: SMRZB-332
    deviceProfileName: switch-temp-power-energy-plug
  - id: "NAMRON AS/4512749-N"
    deviceLabel: NAMRON Plug Thermostat
    manufacturer: NAMRON AS
    model: 4512749-N
    deviceProfileName: switch-temp-voltage-power-energy-plug
  - id: "SMRZB-332/Develco Products"
    deviceLabel: SMRZB-332  Relay Din
    manufacturer: Develco Products A/S
    model: SMRZB-332
    deviceProfileName: switch-temp-power-energy-plug

Thank you for the heads up, Mariano.
Driver installed and functionality checked, everything looks good.
Thank you for all your efforts!

I take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas - soon coming up.

Best regards,


Also, Merry Christmas

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo,

It looks like the device β€œTS0002/_TZ3000_spoktolc” added per request by @Kenny_C was a typo. @Kenny_C requested β€œTS0002/_TZ3000_spoktocl” not β€œβ€¦lc”.
And I happened to get an Milfra Tuya 2-gang wall switch with the same fingerprint today.

Hi @jaeseonc

Fixed in this driver version

thank for report this issue

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2023-12-11T11:13:51.551114541        
- id: "TS0002/_TZ3000_spoktocl"
    deviceLabel: TS0002 Switch
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_spoktocl
    model: TS0002
    deviceProfileName: two-switch

Works like a charm!

Thank you.