(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc. Added Inovelli Gen1 Dimmers (NZW31) and Gen1 Switch (NZW30)

I just had my scene switches (both NZW31 and NZW30) stop working. I managed to figure out after 5 years of working in my house that it was because of the switch from groovy to edge or whatever

So I found this and thanks for making it, but it doesn’t seem to work for me? I don’t get switch control or anything outside of basic control

Please help

Hi @silvertonesx24

There are several models and fingerprints of these models.
I need to know the fingerprints of cad no to know which subdriver they are pairing to

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Inovelli just added their own drivers for these switches.


Just loaded this for a Inovelli LZ31 Black I had sitting around. Paired quickly and has a bunch of setting options.

I’ve had the official Inovelli edge driver for the LZW30 working for several weeks. I just noticed yesterday that it stopped working. I switched it to this edge driver by Mariano, since it worked with my older NZW30, and it does work with the LZW30, but I have lost the ability to control the switch’s LED colors and brightness when on and off.

I see the error and will push it out in a fix tonight.


Was it pushed? Still broken on my end

It was and I have been using it for several days. Which device are you using specifically and what are the symptoms?

Hello Eric, well the first gen nzw31 without and with scene enabled.
It would say that the device hasn’t updated all of it’s status information yet, Mariano’s driver seems to work fine however.

Version in my hub says 2023-01-21, is that the latest version?

I will check. Can you show me a screenshot of the driver info?

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I’ve tried to delete and reinstall it, same error

To further figure things out, is it possible that the device was added during the period where I was using the SmartThings constant and they broke it? Or have you excluded and included since I pushed out that fix? I am wondering if I need to “re-initialize” things if it was included during that period. I have removed and readded a few times with all the first gen devices and am not seeing that error.

Hi @Daijoubu

If the device works well, I would not pay much attention to that message from the app.

It appears and disappears, especially when you change the driver, the values of the lastet states of the capabilities are reinitialized to null value and the app times out, launches the message and continues to speed up its operation.

Let the device run for a while and the message should go away and maybe come back, it’s not really clear how this works.

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Thanks for the prompt reply, I did first install that driver when it was broken but today I excluded and added the dimmers back to migrate them to Edge.

When I use the Inovelli driver and get this error, I can’t control it, gives network or server error occurred if I try to turn it on and off.

But it works with your driver so I’m not too worried

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Ok, if it doesn’t work, it’s a different problem.

Inovelli’s First gen driver have been fixed now, thanks Eric! @erocm1231

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Thanks for the help!

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I have an Inovelli multi-switch. Not sure of the model, though (I can check when I’m back home). Regardless, the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc Edge Driver work with it. Previously, I was using the Inovelli DTH. I had two Child Switches. I still have two Child Switches, but they don’t seem to work. Well, actually, my routines that use them still work but the Child Switch card (or whatever it’s called in the SmartThings Android app) don’t work. They always show on. I was poking around earlier in the multi-switch and saw a configuration option for the two switches. This might be a dumb question, but maybe now that I’m using this Edge drive I should recreate the two child switches and then all will be well? I’ll need to create virtual switch placeholders for the child switches so I don’t lose any routines, but I can do that as well. So, even though I have two child switches, is the best procedure to recreate them using the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc dirver? Thanks!

If the child devices are the ones you had with the DTH, then you have to delete them.

If you use my driver you have to create new child devices from preferences and add them to routines.

If you use the stock driver or the inovelli driver, I don’t know if they create themselves or not.

Child devices created with one driver will not work with a different driver.