(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc. Added Inovelli Gen1 Dimmers (NZW31) and Gen1 Switch (NZW30)

Hey @Mariano_Colmenarejo - I appreciate the feedback regarding being more open around Edge drivers. You’re right, I probably could’ve been more clear around what to expect and give assurance that we will support all of our products, even the discontinued ones.

What I personally struggle with (and the point of me writing this is to provide some context - I am listening to feedback - I’m just caught in a rock and a hard place sometimes) is what can and cannot be said due to NDA’s that are signed between us and SmartThings.

It’s a bit different when you’re a volunteer coder to create these drivers for the community and as I mentioned, we’re extremely grateful for people like you. But when you’re a manufacturer, there’s a lot more that we know then the average customer due to many privy conversations. The one you referenced is a perfect example. It was a conference call between @erocm1231 (our CTO), myself and four of the lead engineers of SmartThings, plus one of the guys from the Edge program.

I specifically asked them if I could share anything with our community. I’m not sure if you hang out in our community, but I’m very open with everyone about the good and the bad of our company and I wanted to talk about Edge bc we do get a lot of customers who write in and are freaking out (rightfully so) about whether or not their products they purchased from us will be supported on Edge.

I was told I was not able to say anything at all until everything is official. We still have no clue when the official date is, so I’m at a standstill. Do I break the NDA and let people know everything that will be available via edge and risk losing any sort of partnership with SmartThings? Or do I just kind of sit on the sidelines and wait until I’m told it’s ok?

The best I can do is give assurance that we will support our products (which I did) and follow through on that request when things are official.

The other part that is challenging - again, I know it’s not your problem, but I’m trying to paint a picture from our side - is exactly what @JDRoberts mentioned… Bandwidth…

There are four of us that work at Inovelli. We’re not some huge company filled with engineers that have all the time in the world to mess around with beta projects.

Eric M is the only one on our team that knows how to write any of this. He’s been on the phones constantly with SmartThings trying to figure out how to get the advanced features working (notifications, scene control, etc). Some of the features are not even possible on Edge (notifications) but he’s working with them to make it possible.

So, we get these questions daily - when will drivers be released? What products are you supporting? What features are available?

And I emphasize with you bc I’m a SmartThings user too and I want to know these things, but I don’t have the answers. And somehow this gets taken out on us as the manufacturer bc we’re not transparent enough or perceived as not trying hard enough, but the truth is that we are in a very similar boat. However, our boat has a target on it and if we say something we shouldn’t or promise something that doesn’t come to fruition, it has serious repercussions that the volunteer coder does not have.

All that to say - I genuinely meant it when I said thank you. People like you who step up and help out take some of that risk off our plate and we do (and the community does as well) appreciate it.

Edit: just read your deleted comment and I genuinely hope you don’t feel that way.


These are the things that users can think when we do not have information from reliable sources.

I understand your business commitments not to give certain information, but I don’t share that smartthings secrecy that you refer to about a project that is exciting many people and that without being an expert, just a user, I also like it.

Surely your comments today have reassured many people and it is appreciated

Regards @Eric_Inovelli


Understood, whatever we can do behind the scenes, please feel free to reach out to me. We really want to help in anyway we can.

I know Eric would love to be in touch with anyone that is willing to help fast track some of these projects.

Thanks again for your help and I will definitely aim to be better at communicating!


@erocm1231 when you know more about the capabilities and what’s possible, can you answer this?

I believe the local control / remote control will have to be implemented as a custom capability. The current Edge driver that we provide does allow you to change the LED color, but it does not yet support notifications (which don’t exist on the black series anyway).

Thank you for your response! I know some people are doing great work with edge drivers and creating virtual devices, like:

Can we leverage something like this for the remote/local control?

Dang, I wish I would have found this thread before I switched to Edge drivers. I definitely need that child device for notifications. I guess I’ll switch back to the DTH.

I found the new edge drivers for the red series dimmer. They work great.

I just had my scene switches (both NZW31 and NZW30) stop working. I managed to figure out after 5 years of working in my house that it was because of the switch from groovy to edge or whatever

So I found this and thanks for making it, but it doesn’t seem to work for me? I don’t get switch control or anything outside of basic control

Please help

Hi @silvertonesx24

There are several models and fingerprints of these models.
I need to know the fingerprints of cad no to know which subdriver they are pairing to

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Inovelli just added their own drivers for these switches.


Just loaded this for a Inovelli LZ31 Black I had sitting around. Paired quickly and has a bunch of setting options.

I’ve had the official Inovelli edge driver for the LZW30 working for several weeks. I just noticed yesterday that it stopped working. I switched it to this edge driver by Mariano, since it worked with my older NZW30, and it does work with the LZW30, but I have lost the ability to control the switch’s LED colors and brightness when on and off.

I see the error and will push it out in a fix tonight.


Was it pushed? Still broken on my end

It was and I have been using it for several days. Which device are you using specifically and what are the symptoms?

Hello Eric, well the first gen nzw31 without and with scene enabled.
It would say that the device hasn’t updated all of it’s status information yet, Mariano’s driver seems to work fine however.

Version in my hub says 2023-01-21, is that the latest version?

I will check. Can you show me a screenshot of the driver info?

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I’ve tried to delete and reinstall it, same error

To further figure things out, is it possible that the device was added during the period where I was using the SmartThings constant and they broke it? Or have you excluded and included since I pushed out that fix? I am wondering if I need to “re-initialize” things if it was included during that period. I have removed and readded a few times with all the first gen devices and am not seeing that error.