(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Edge Drivers and others with FIBARO devices:

(NEW Version) Edge Drive for Fibaro RGBW Controller FGRGBWM-441 (Z-Wave Bulb Mc)

I have taken time to dedicate to the Fibaro RGBW Controller that an user gave me, thank you!
I’ve made a complete new diver.

Changes and features:

  • In the main component are:
    • Main On/Off switch
    • Main Level
    • Power Meter
    • Programmed sequences

  • There is a component for each color, White, Red, Green and Blue with:
    • Switch
    • Color Level

  • 1 child device can be created to easily control the color white from external routines or alexa…
  • 3 child devices can be created for the remaining 3 colors R, G, B

  • In preferences I have Added:
    • New Preference to choose the device operating mode:
      • RGB or White: Normal operation for a led strip. Only white Color On or R,G,B are On
      • R, G, B, W independent channels: To be able to use it to control each channel independently or connect 4 led strips, one on each channel and control them independently

  • Multi tile now shows all 5 switches Main, R, G, B and W

  • Now the last RGBW color and last level is memorized instead of the Hue and Saturation that the stock driver did.
    This caused in previos driver that when the device was turned off, it would not turn on with the last level selected by the user since the default libraries convert memorized hue and saturation to R,G,B, without taking into account the brightness and uses a standard brightness of 50

As this device has parameters settings to adjust the transition times between colors or level or on and off, if a transition time with more than 8 seconds is set, it could cause updating problems of the correct states since the device only informs when it is interrogated, that it is either normal or when the transition to new color, level or on or off ends.

The minimum time to GET the device states is 2 sec according with constants.DEFAULT_POST_DIMMING_DELAY

When the device transition time is greater than 8 sec, then the driver interrogates the device and updates states every 8 sec until it reaches the end transition.

In the App, the status can take up to 8 seconds to update, to avoid possible inconsistent status changes.
If the details view is open, the message “A network or server error has occurred. Please try again later”. may also appear

At the end of transition time execution, the value of the final states is updated, but if intermediate commands are carried out, there may be errors and they may not coincide with reality until final transition.

I didn’t want to limit these settings in preferences, in case someone needs slow power-up and shutdown times, but I have put a warning that there may be errors.

The maximum time to interrogate the status of the commands sent is 8 seconds (constants.DEFAULT_POST_DIMMING_DELAY + 6 sec delay calculated with preferences settings), therefore I recommend not to exceed those 6 seconds of transition times in the device configuration.

The update to the new version will be done manually since capabilities disappear and others are added, which may affect routines that users have active.

The current version of Z-Wave Bulb Mc is renamed Z-Wave Bulb Mc-(OLD) and the new one will be Z-Wave Bulb Mc.

Each user will be able to make the change when they want to or not and will continue using their current version and will remain in their hub until they delete it.

I have done many tests, but if someone detects any error, please tell me so I can try to correct it.

New driver version:

 Driver Id    0ec75098-cf62-47c5-a23c-5bf7fb1f2dd6 
 Name         Z-Wave Bulb Mc
 Package Key  zwave-bulb-v2
 Version      2023-03-05T19:27:53.67672184