(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Device Config Mc


This is the update capabilities error that i comment you. Some capabilities are gray color degraded.

Select and Leave that association group configuration option for half hour and then refresh it by sliding your finger down the app.

Close and open the device, delete app cache, until all fields are displayed correctly.

It’s a shame what they are doing with the platform!!!:confounded:

When you can write in all capabilities then write this:

Device trigger Group: 2
Device target node ID: 4B

Device Target endpoint: 0 (not needed for Single channel association)

Select Group command action: SET

Then push “Execute Selected Action” button

Hi @nayelyz @AlejandroPadilla, are some update about this issue?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try that tomorrow. BTW, I used a minmote in the past. The old days!

I made some progress today. The 30 minute wait leaving association group open consistently let me select the required options. I was successful in getting this switch associated.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful getting two other switches associated. When I pressed the execute button for those, nothing happened. For the switch where I was successful, I saw a notification something like “communicating with network”. All I got with the other ones was the button quickly displaying a processing type symbol and then nothing. Is there something I need to do to get the execute button to work? Here is another example screenshot.

If the network error appears, it means that some capability is not updated correctly.

Change to the Device Fingerprints Info profile in preferences and then restart the group association, you will no longer have to wait 30 minutes.

Hello, I have one device associated but the other two are stuck at this screen. When I press activation, nothing happens and I am not receiving any error notifications.

Some things I am wonder are:

  1. Does the ST hub need to be closer to the device?
  2. Do I need to, in some way, clear everything and start over?
  3. I read someplace about devices needing S2 security? Is this an issue? Is it something I can from device details on ST computer app?

I am open to suggestion.

I think that the devices to be associated must have the same security level S0 or S2

would you know why settings do not work?
create device config association leads to some garbled text <table style = font-size bla blah
no way to read fingerprint, change parameters

ST made changes to the mobile UI some time ago that broke the use of HTML tables. I’m guessing that Mariano hasn’t revisited this driver since those changes.

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When smartthings blocked the html text in the app, not only me, other developers also asked for an alternative to be able to display useful information text for the user.
Not only have they not responded to anyone, as far as I know, but they have also been blocking the HTML text on the smartthings website, advanced users.

The only option left is to see it in @TAustin API-Browser, we don’t know for how long.

Rowing against the current is quite tiring!!


Would you please add 0258-0100-1027 Neo/Haozee plug?
Kevin says these are the same:

in this thread post #125:


I mark it to add it in August when I have access to the CLI.

It must works as generic switch binary with zwave switch or my zwave switch and child Mc drivers

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