Edge Driver for Aeotec Motion Sensor IM6001-MTP

Has anyone made and edge driver for this model? default minute by minute reports are killing the battery quickly

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Hi @paulserr

I have 3 of that model working with the zigbee Motion Sensor Mc driver.
Configured to report temperature every 1 hour or changes of 1°c and the batteries worked about 2 years

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thanks for the input. My unit has been operational for only 2 weeks (starting at 100 percent battery), and it’s now at 84 percent. the motion detection is only invoked about 6 or 7 times a day when someone enters my front door. So it seems like it’s draining fast and i could not assume it’s the temp reports. I’ll wait a few more weeks and see if the drain rate slows down. I love the unit, just wish i could control the features so eliminate possible issues. Thanks again your input.

It’s entirely possible that a report of 84% really just means “less than 100%”. So it might be ok. You won’t really know until the second drop. See the community faq.

FAQ: How Sleepy Devices Report Battery Life (tier reporting)


This device manufactured by Samjin has a specific formula for calculating battery percentage, non-linear, which causes the percentage to decrease more rapidly as it is discharged. that is why that curve is seen with more slope when the voltage decreases.

The quality of the battery used also influences, you can see that when I changed it for a new cheap one, it did not indicate 100%, it indicated 87%.

It can also be seen that in the coldest months the discharge increases and in the hottest months the charge is better maintained. All this influences the battery life.

My experience is that below of 30% they start to give some false movement events and then I change the batery.


Good info, Thank You

Hi Mariano,

I have the Aeotec Motion Sensor and using your Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc edge driver. Driver details: Version 5.0 (Sep 2022) Add: Motion Sensitivity Level and Signal Metrics.

How do I adjust the motion sensitivity? There is no parameter to adjust the motion sensiitivity.

Please advise. Thanks Mariano!


Hi @rmacwhy

You cannot adjust the sensitivity on these devices.

Sensitivity adjustment has been introduced in profiles of some specific Tuya models.

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Thanks for info Mariano!