Edge Driver Beta

Regarding the Edge Driver Beta, what is the forecast timeline for it to go production?

Is it safe for intermediate users to use?

They haven’t given us a timeline, and some parts of it are already rolling out to the general user base, although still beta.

Hub Connected Devices Now Use Edge Drivers

Since the old architecture always had issues with reliability anyway and since ST has always made unannounced and undocumented changes, I don’t know that Edge Drivers are really any less “safe” than any other part of SmartThings. :thinking:.

If you choose a custom edge driver from one of the community developers who do a lot of testing and research like @TAustin , @ygerlovin , and @Mariano_Colmenarejo you may actually get more information and better workarounds for random platform glitches than you would if you just let the forced production updates happen to you.

But with or without Edge, you can expect an occasionally bumpy ride from SmartThings for the next year or so as they complete their major platform transition. So if “safe” is a high priority for you, I don’t know that SmartThings is a good candidate right now. It’s exciting times with lots of new features coming, but there’s also likely to be a lot of “worked yesterday, not working today” moments.


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I have switched most of my devices over to Edge drivers will only some minor problems.

And the best part is that all Edge devices are local, run quicker, and many routines run locally, so those automations will run without the internet.

But keep in mind the the mobile app always requires the internet, so you can’t access you devices with your phone during an outage.


I’m a normal user, and I’m only using a few Edge ‘beta’ drivers from the SmartThings Edge beta channel because they advised that once the Edge production driver becomes available, I would need to remove and re-add the device to install the Edge production driver. Yuk!

They do have some Edge production drivers available for some of the devices I have. So for a few devices where the DTH driver isn’t very stable, I’ve removed and re-added the devices to get off the DTH driver and onto the Edge production driver. Namely some Cree smartbulbs that would randomly go offline using the native DTH driver and Zigbee Dimmer DTH driver. So far the Edge production driver seems to have resolved that from happening on my Cree Smartbulbs.

As for the rest of my DTH driver devices, they all currently run local and are stable so I’ll wait for the Edge migration effort to convert them over since re-doing all the Routines and Scenes is too much work.

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Is this true that there will be no clean switch over to Edge? I’ve held off hoping that would be the case. Still worried about some legacy devices which may not be getting updated.

****Evidently moving devices from one hub to another or from one hub OS to another is not so simple. Migrating 40 or 50 devices exclusion \ inclusion is real work. And the 4 times Ive done it at least 2 or 3 devices refuse to include. Interested in the official word on Edge migration for sure.

Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Joe

Staff has posted a couple of different times in this forum that the intention is to make the switchover automatic if they can. That will depend on the device having a fingerprint which is included in one of the stock edge drivers. They’ve already started doing some of these for people enrolled in the official beta, with the usual glitches, but it does seem to be working for most people: many don’t even realize they’ve been switched over to an edge Driver at first.

You can find discussion of the potential automatic migration in the following thread:

Hub Connected Devices Now Use Edge Drivers

But nothing official yet on what the eventual process will be.


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