[Edge Driver] A Breakthrough In Human Presence Detection

Hi Tim99,
Thank you for the reply. I would really like for there to be an edge driver for the EP lite. From the looks of the driver for the EP1 you did a great job and it’s a lot of work. I am not a developer so can’t speak to the effort required but with the request comes an offer of assistance where it can do the most good.
Thanks again!

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I would like a driver for the Everything Present Lite (Will only use if its open source though! :grinning:)

Many of us who own EP1 for Smartthings also own EPL. I’d love to have a driver for EPL for sure! Bought 3 without realizing that EP1 driver didn’t work on it, haha. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

For the past week or so I am having trouble keeping my EP1 online with my V3 hub. When i first noticed it wasnt working i checked the settings and found my IP had been removed. I added it back and it went online for less than an hour and then offline. I tried removing and re-adding the EP1. It worked for a while and then reverted to offline. Any suggestions?

Hi @Terri_Baker, this is weird behaviour.

CIt sounds like it may be an issue with your wifi router re-allocating a different IP address to the EP1.
Have you rebooted the router lately or had a power outage?

Many Thanks Tim

@Tim99 My modem had to be rebooted recently. The IP address is reserved and hasn’t changed. From a web browser the EP1 is not showing any errors in the log and appears to be functioning properly. It just shows device offline in ST and isn’t triggering light automations.

Weird. You could try going into settings and toggling the listener off, wait 60 seconds and then turn it on again. That will reset the listener.

Would very much like ep lite support

Thanks for your feedback Don. I’ll look into it. :+1: