my handsome friend (looks like BTS) “Booung” has developed a SmartApp and DTH.
My friend Booung asked me to write a relase note on my behalf.

This smart app allows you to view the data measured in awire in smartthings and use it as a trigger for automation.

-Support Devices-
Awair Mint, 1st, 2nd edition


  • 2019/8/29 >>> add post → how to local connection - ktj1312’s DTH (no need smartapp)
  • 2019/05/22 >>> v0.0.8.20190522 - Get current status Display Led Knocking
  • 2019/05/21 >>> v0.0.7.20190521 - Added co2homekitNotice for Homekit by shin4299 (Need to Update SmartApp and DTH)
  • 2019/05/15 >>> v0.0.6.20190515 - Changed Dust Sensor to Fine Dust Sensor(Only for Awair-R1)
  • 2019/05/13 >>> v0.0.5.20190513 - Seperated DTH (Need to Update SmartApp and DTH)
  • 2019/05/13 >>> v0.0.4.20190513 - Added Commands (Need to Update SmartApp and DTH)
  • 2019/05/10 >>> v0.0.3.20190510 - Modified data type of temperature (Integer → Double)
  • 2019/05/07 >>> v0.0.2.20190507 - Modified data type of AirQualitySensor
  • 2019/05/05 >>> v0.0.1.20190505 - Initialize

Screen shots


If you want to make a local connection, don’t watch the video and refer to the local connection method below




------------How to connect awair to smartthings locally---------------

If you want to make the Awair work locally on the SmartThings, follow the steps below.

  1. open the awair app and select your device
  2. click settings

3. select developer option

4. Enable local sensor click
5. check your awair IP adress
6. connect to http://192.168.x.xxx/air-data/latest
(The webpage should show the data value of the your awair)
7. connect to account.smartthings.com
8. add a device handler :
GitHub - ktj1312/smartthings-awair-local: connect awair to smartthings via local awair device api
9. add a device → change device type to ktj1312’s dth (R2/Omni)
10. Smartthings awair device setting : use 80 port
11. finish!

What’s different from the smart app version?
1.Local methods can receive data at intervals of one minute.
2. Not to be used for the Action of automation (LCD screen control cannot be automated)

※ You can use a local connection with a smart app version.


This is here since June and no reactions so far?! Booung and you deserve quite some more credit! Thanks for creating this awesome device handler. It installed flawless, i had me developer key from Awair in a few hours and setup was easy!

Now every 5 min I receive the latest status of my Awair and I love that you can even control the display from SmartThings (something you cannot do with Awair itself). When my CO2 goes up I put it on the display, very handy!

Only improvement suggestion I have is the layout of the icons, its quite a lot so needs a bit of trail error to find out what they do. For the list line; knocking and the sleep icons I am still not sure as I dont see a command send to Awair, what does it do?

All with all; congrats on the device handler, I can highly recommend it! :clap::clap::clap:

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Adding my thanks and recommendation. I installed this about a month ago and it has been flawless. When my air quality deteriorates I now get a notification via my hue lights and a spoken warning (via webcore) :grinning:

Thank you!

I actually just bought an Awair (R2) and I am very pleased to see this!
Thank you much!

In my light glancing, I didn’t see anything in the Awair dev documentation that showed we could toggle the status of one of the Awair Glow outlets.

Google Home can toggle the outlet though (link below) … wonder what that messaging looks like…

Will this work with an Awair Glow?

Thank you. I’ll pass your opinion on to the Booung.

Thank you for using whatever we want!

In Korea, we can’t buy the awair glow. Unfortunately, we can’t check, either.

No, we haven’t tested awair glow.

Has anyone tried this with the Glow C yet?

I just got two Awair Elements and made some updates to the SA and DTH to support the new device, which I’m happy to share. I’m having an issue though where temperatures are coming is a Celsius, while being labeled as Fahrenheit. Looking though the code now, but if anyone else has already solved this bug please let me know. Thanks!


I posted a minor branch to this DTH and SA in my repo, adding support for the new Awair-Element and also changing the temperature scale to Fahrenheit.


What features does this offer compared to the standard DTH?

More features are available on the webcore than on official connections. id adjust brightness, change display screen, etc.

I cannot connect with official DTH. Does anyone have this problem? I can login but it never adds my device. I am using an element.

I signed up for a developer key to try this one.


I am also using an element. How can I change your DTH/SA back to celsius?

edit: never mind, I think I got it. It was just a few lines in the SA.

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I can’t even login with the official DTH. It redirects to some Google with screen totally bazzar.

Works perfectly, thanks :smile:

I’ve been looking at Awair products lately. Can any users comment on accuracy?

It works fantastic and is very accurate. I recommend the element unless you absolutely need wood panels