EcoSmart Zigbee Tunable A19 White bulb with remote $4.88

At your local Home Depot

Hopefully, DTH is coming soon for remote


Man! I’m loving that price for the remote alone. Glad to see that someone is already starting the work on the DTH.

Just picked up two. Really hoping they can do something to get the remote working. I have these set up as bedside lamps and it would be awesome to control with hub automations as well as the remotes. Also really want to be able to program remote buttons to do other stuff.

Just picked up 3 of them even though I don’t need them. Price is just too good to resist. Curious to see how functional we can make the remotes.

I just picked up 10! hopefully someone can help us make the remotes useful!

There’s discussion about an official DTH here. Not quite available yet:

I got it to work partially by installing the DTH below. Then, after resetting the remote, paired it with Smartthings hub. After pairing, I am using the Button Controller smartapp (Add Smartapp -> More -> Button Controller) to assign functions to each button.