Ecosmart bulb with remote - New App

Hey guys, quick gut check here. I have a few Ecosmart 4 button remotes that I set up back in 2019 in the Classic App. I went to go adjust some of the buttons around today, but can’t see where any of my automations are… none in WebCore or the new App Automations. So I believe I used the Button Controller application, within the Classic App… but now I cannot over write those button presses. Should I just delete the remote from my hub and try to re-pair?

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I would delete and re-pair. It isn’t uncommon for some things to get lost in the shuffle from classic to new app, old automation backend to rules API, etc.


That worked, thanks. I was scared of deleting these devices as I remember it being tricky to add to ST… but it worked out. Thanks again! Sorry for the useless thread creation on my behalf.

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no worries! better to be safe than sorry. btw, there should be no need for a separate smart app with this device in the new app. You can setup button actions directly from the device details page.

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