Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor

I bought a simple AC Outage Monitor from “The Smartest House.” It’s an Ecolink battery power dry contact Z-Wave Plus Door/Window sensor with a Zooz relay. When AC power fails, the Zooz relay opens and the Ecolink sends an “Open” message to the hub and I get text messages or an iPhone alert. My home comms equipment is on a Cyberpower UPS so I have power for sending AC failure messages. It is working well and was a cheap approach (kit was $40).

When I paired the Ecolink Door/Window sensor to my Samsung hub, it received the “Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Basic” DTH which was rather curious. Did the correct DTH get installed? I didn’t expect to see an Aeotec DTH installed on an Ecolink product. It appears to be working correctly.

I do not see any information about Edge Drivers for Ecolink products. This device has not transitioned yet. Should I unpair/pair with a basic door/window sensor ED?

It might work with @philh30 “Z-Wave masquerade”. You have like 12 choises profiles you can use.

I use it with my Ecolink Tilt sensor connected to my AC smoke detectors. It makes the Ecolink look like a Smoke detector so it can be added to STHM.