Ecolink tilt sensor showing as open/close sensor

Is there a way to get the sensor to show as a garage tilt sensor instead of just open close sensor?

That is correct. It shows as open close sensor. By changing its type it wont change the purpose… Its still going to show whether your garage is open or close.

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Ok maybe I should have said change the icon so it represents a garage. Sorry I was camping all weekend

If that really matters to you, then you can change it in the device type in the ide. You need to copy paste the open/close sensor device type and create a new device type- in that just change the image that it calls to show open close …

Good morning!

You can setup the device to be apart of a Garage solution in the “Doors and Locks” category.

On the dashboard hit the “+” icon>Alerts>Access and Entryways…

The top option here should be “Notify me when a door is opening and/or closed while I am away from home”. Next under “Type of Door” select garage door. If i understood the question correctly, this should get you to where you want I believe.

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