Ecolink Open/Closed Sensor Routes Through Unknown Devices, Killing Battery

I have several Ecolink Open/Closed Z-wave sensors ( DWZWAVE2.5-ECO) and they all work flawlessly, except for one. The problem sensor routes through unknown (ghost) devices, killing the battery in a few days.

I’ve removed, excluded and re-added a number of times. Each time the sensor will connect directly to the hub. But after a few days, it starts routing through one or more ghost devices.




I did not do any Zwave repairs between the initial pairings and when the routing changed.

I also tried the ghost removal technique by created the matching ghost device and removing it, but that did not remove the ghost device(s) from the route.

If any of your Devices are using Edge Drivers, those would show as Unknown in the Routing. IDE does not properly display info for Edge as it was designed for the old architecture.


Thanks JKP. None of the sensors are on Edge drivers.

I’m beginning to think I should just replace it, as the battery (CR123A) dies right after the ghost device shows up. These sensors go a long time w/o a battery change, so I’m thinking whatever is going wrong just kills the battery. For example, it was working fine yesterday routing directly to the hub w/a 99% battery. Today the route has the ghost device, the battery is depleted and the device is offline.