Ecolink Firefighter FF-ZWAVE5-ECO in SmartThings Home Monitor as a Smoke Detector using NEW EDGE DRIVERS

In the old/Groovy-IDE, there was a method by which to use the Firefighter as a Smoke Detector in SmartThings Home Monitor.

However, in the new Edge Driver system, the Firefighter gets installed as a Sound Sensor and SmartThings Home Monitor is not able to use it as a Smoke Detector.

Until someone creates a new Edge Driver, here is a method by which to make the Ecolink Firefighter Z-Wave Alarm Listener FF-ZWAVE5-ECO function properly in SmartThings Home Monitor as a Smoke Detector using NEW EDGE DRIVERS.

  1. Add the Ecolink Firefighter into SmartThings as per normal instructions/method:
  • This will initially install it as a Sound Sensor with the Siren Icon
  1. Enroll in the Beta Edge Drivers From SmartThings:
  1. Open the SmartThings Ecolink Firefighter Device Card:
  • Press 3 Dots in Upper-Right

  • Press Driver

  • Initially shows as a Z-Wave Siren

  • Press Select Different Driver

  • Select the “Z-Wave sensor” that you installed in Step #2 above.

  • Note: this installs the following Sensors, even though the Firefighter does NOT have them all:

    • Contact Sensor
    • Motion Sensor
    • Smoke Detector (this is the key)
    • Water Sensor
    • Tamper Alert (this functions)
    • Temperature & Humidity (seems to work)
  1. Test Functionality:
  • Open the SmartThings Ecolink Firefighter Device Card so you can see the Tamper Alert: “Not tampered”
  • Remove the Cover from the FF-ZWAVE5-ECO while watching the SmartThings Device Card above
  • You should see a Tamper Alert
  1. In SmartThings Home Monitor:

NOTE: These steps are necessary to turn OFF the “Leak Sensor” and “Intrusion Sensor” so they do not cause Home Monitor to generate Leak & Security Alarms in addition to the Smoke Alarm.

  • Press the Gear in the Upper-Right Corner

  • Security - Armed-Stay: Do NOT use ALL Sensors (toggle off; then press the “Text” “Use All Sound Sensors”: Select the Sound Sensors you want (but un-select the Firefighter)

  • Security - Armed-Away: Do NOT use ALL Sensors (toggle off; then press the “Text” “Use All Sound Sensors”: Select the Sound Sensors you want (but un-select the Firefighter)

  • Smoke - Set Up Smoke Detectors: Either use All OR Toggle Off, then press the “Text” “Use All Smoke Detectors”: Then select the Firefighter and any others you want.

  • Leaks - Set Up Leak Detectors: Do NOT use ALL Leak Sensors (toggle off; then press the “Text” “Use All Leak Sensors”: Select the Leak Sensors you want (but un-select the Firefighter)

  1. Test by Holding the Firefighter near your existing Smoke Detector then pressing the TEST button on your Smoke Detectors.
  • You should see a Smoke Detected Alert from your SmartThings Home Monitor: “Home Monitor - (Your Hub) Ecolink Firefighter - Smoke Detected

Make sure the Firefighter is positioned nearby as shown in Ecolink’s Instructions: “The Fire Fighter™ must be mounted within 6 inches of the smoke/CO detector for optimal operation.

That’s a good approach.

A possible alternative method would be to use the custom edge driver, Zwave Masquerade , which allows a Z wave device of one device class to report as a different device class. I know you can make, for example, a contact sensor, appear as a smoke sensor so you can use it in STHM. I’m not sure if it has a profile for acoustic sensors yet, though. :thinking:


Thank you!

Wow… THAT’s cool !

I’m going to be helping a friend set up a Firefighter in the next few days and try that driver instead.

It would be nice to eliminate the need to disable the Firefighter from Home Monitor under Security and Leaks !!!

I’ll report back and modify my original post to use the Z-Wave Masquerade drivers if it works better.

Thanks again !

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Hi @JohnRichard

In this thread is the link for the driver Z-Wave Siren Mc that I modified.
If it’s that model, it’s tested and works as a smoke and CO detector and I think I added temperature capability as well.


Thank you!

Can you point me to where I would find the “mfr, prod, and model” info?

I’d love to test it out when I install the next one in a few days.

Hi @JohnRichard

You can install and perform a driver change to Z-wave Thing Mc driver.
If your device paired with Z-wave Siren stock driver then is the same model

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Thank you.

I was hoping to find a way to pull the Manufacturer, Product Type, and Product ID from somewhere “within” the Android/SmartThings App or the (Beta) Website. But I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I did find this info at the Z-Wave Alliance Product Catalog,
for the FF-ZWAVE5-ECO,
within the “Download Product Data in XML Format” link:


So the driver you recommended is compatible with my device. I’ll report back in a few days when we install the second one.

If there is an easier way to find the Device Fingerprint containing the Manuf, Prod Type, and Prod ID from within the SmartThings App or MySmartThings Website, please let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks again !

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That information is what SmartThings calls the device’s “fingerprint” and the device itself reports it as a numeric code at the time of joining.

You can find the details about how to get to it in the community FAQ on Edge. (Specifically point 8 in the FAQ.) It was easier to find in the old IDE, so you can also just use that for now, but it’s still findable without the IDE.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)


Now you can use this API Browser created by @TAustin


@JDRoberts and @Mariano_Colmenarejo

THANK YOU both so much!

Both of those methods work great !!!