Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO Goes Offline Repeately

I have two of these wired to relays in my septic system…one for the air handler alarm, one for the high water alarm.

They’ve both been working fine until recently. The one wired to the high water alarm repeatedly goes offline. I’ve changed the battery and it still goes offline after a few hours. Pulling the battery and placing it back brings the sensor back online.

The other sensor has been working fine and can’t figure out why one, and not the other.

I appreciate any advice on what I should be looking at. Thank you!

I have a few devices that are periodically marked offline by ST. But when you test them by opening a door, moving past Motion sensor, wetting a leak sensor, etc they always work. So they are not really offline they are just being marked offline by ST.

So have you tested your setups to see if they are really offline, or bring falsely marked by ST.


I have some that go off and then back on. double check your drivers as they might have been migrated to the wrong driver and thats why they are acting up.

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That was it. Curiously, the other sensor had the Edge driver, but this one didn’t. Switching over seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

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So what is the correct Edge driver for the Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO? In the SmartThings app, mine shows this:

Name: Z-Wave Sensor
Description: SmartThings driver for Z-Wave sensor devices
Developer: SmartThings
Version: 2023-08-01T19:30:39.072201312

Is this what I should be using?

The alternative when I press “Select different driver” shows a Z-Wave Switch with different information.

If your device is fingerprint 014A-0004-0002 (viewable on the Advanced Web App, under the Manufacturer Code field), then our driver supports it. You can set the check in interval to be more frequent if ST marks it as inactive due to no communication. Default is every 12 hours, but you may have better luck with 8.



My device does indeed have the 014A-0004-0002 manufactures code and I was able to install your Z-Wave Sensor CS driver and seems to work fine! Thank you!!!

On the driver preferences screen I noticed the wakup interval of 12 hours (43200) just as you mention. So being new to this, I didn’t see where/how I could change this value to your suggested 8 hours if I need to do this after a couple of days of running the driver with the default settings.

Is changing the value something easy on another screen I’m not seeing?

I am not using that driver but this is where I would look.

Open the device in mobile app, click on 3 dots in upper right, pick settings and it should be there.

I had already looked on the SmartThings app, but nothing was different.

With Paul’s suggestion, I again opened the app (about 2 hours later) and upon opening the device it said I needed to update the driver, which was automatic in about 3 seconds. Now there are indeed setting that have the wake up interval and other settings. Nice driver!

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You probably already know this, but just to be sure: if you make the wakeup interval more frequent than the factory default, you will also likely reduce the battery life below what the device is advertised as having. The whole purpose of sleeping is to prolong battery life, so when you wake the device up more frequently, you use up more battery. :low_battery:

Obviously, that’s your choice, it’s just something to be aware of.