Ecobee3 user, is Smartthings hub right for my application?

My wife and I both come and go for work. Sometimes she works from home. I’ve tried to IFTTT on our phones, but it seems to only work with 1 phone. Those recipes are not meant to work with 2 phones. I’ve also tried using Life365 app, but it kills the battery on the phone. I would like to setup, when we both leave the house, to set away, and when one arrives home, to set back to home.
I went out and purchased a Smarthings Hub V2. Have not opened it yet, and wondering if any users on here, use this hub with their ecobee? From what I’ve read, it is a pain to setup, as there are no IFTTT recipes, and you have to manually input coding to get it to work correctly with the ecobee. If that is the case, I will be returning it. Not sure $99 is worth the price, just to have the ecobee work when we come and go from the house.


I’ve developed MyEcobee device which is the most comprehensive SmartThings-ecobee integration.

It’s a custom device, but it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to set up if you know how to do
copy and paste into the SmartThings IDE.

If not, I can do the work for you provided that you pay for support.
Some of my contributors do not want to be responsible for the initial setup and any upgrades later,
so they pay for support.

See My ecobee device and different support packages at my store:

With my device, you have access to many smartapps that can fulfill your use cases and more. As an example, I’ve created many zoned heating/cooling solutions around ecobee which allow you to control smart vents in order to create physical zones in your home for more comfort.

See my github:

Amongst other smartapps,

  1. EcobeeChangeMode (to set your thermostat to ‘Away’ or ‘Home’)
  2. EcobeeResumeProg (to resume your current program/climate).

See this thread for more details:


P.S. If you are interested in my services, please send me an email at


Ecobee 3 works well on its own. While my Ecobee is connected to my hub it doesn’t really integrate with Smartthings other than to show on my dashboard. Ecobee will do what yo want because it uses its own sensor to determine whether someone is home.


The ecobee3’s remote motion sensors are not meant to be used for real time HA scenarios.

There are some known limitations with the ecobee’3 remote motion sensors. Sometimes, it can
take up to 2 hours before your thermostat is set to Away after one leaves home.

That’s why people use SmartThings to set their thermostat to ‘Home’ or ‘Away’ with my smartapps
to be more energy efficient as it can be done within few minutes.