Ecobee3 lite and voice commands via Alexa

Recently purchased and installed couple of ecobee3 lites. I added them to the smartthings, and Alexa. Smartthings recognized them well and I can change temperature from the ST app, however, I cannot do anything via voice/Alexa. No matter if I say turn my thermostat on or off or change temperature, it keep responding that the device does not support this command.
Why is that? How can I fix this issue?

Thank you.

I installed the Ecobee skill for Alexa and disabled the smartthings controlled thermostat in the Alexa app.

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I too installed Ecobee skill for Alexa. How do you disable smartthings controlled thermostats in Alexa app? Is that why my Alexa does not support commands for the Ecobee - because I have somehow smartthings control set up in Alexa?