Anyone with an Ecobee Alexa Thermostat: Question

Hey guys, I just purchased an ecobe qith alexa thermoatat. I was reading, after I purchased that the alexa integration is minimal & was wondering if anyone who owns one can if it is limited. I was going to put this one in my bedroom since I dont have my echo in that room.

Yes, it’s limited. A partial list of what’s missing:

  1. Spotify and Pandora music services are not available on third party devices. I heart radio and some other music services are.

  2. no Alexa messaging

  3. no Drop in

  4. can’t make phone calls

So the ecobee light switch or thermostat that has Alexa capabilities won’t work as an intercom or speakerphone. I don’t know if that matters to you or not.

Also, the last time I checked, third-party devices all had to use “Alexa” as the wake word, you couldn’t change it.


Only thing that might apply is drop in & messaging. Is this something that can be updated via software? If not then maybe ill.change my order.

Oh jd…I’m going to have my plumber put these on but I only have 2 wires & he said he was going to add the 24 volt…I should not have a problem if he is running the power line for it?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to your other two questions. But my guess would be that for liability reasons Amazon is not allowing third parties to handle messaging, so I’m not expecting that to change anytime soon.

Ecobee support should be able to answer your wiring questions.

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Jd as always thank u. I’m gonna just change it to the ecobee 3lite. Better safe then sorry.

What I was talking about was the c wire. I only have 2 wires & I know smart thermostats need the c wire & my plumber said he can put in a 24volt, which I think is the c wire or power option for thermostats. And I canceled the ecobe qith alexa & just ordered the lite version.

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This is something you can do yourself if you are handy. Provided the hvac you’re connecting it to has the C terminal (almost all do), you can use your existing thermostat wit]re as a snake to pull a new with that has enough conductors.

Personally, I’ve found ecobee4 to be worthwhile.

I wish I were handy. I only have a gas furnance for heat ( for air I have ductless units) & it’s just 2 wires so I rather not chance it because u know murphys law…lol. I am thinking about trying myself to replace the smart switches I ordered but if I do, im.sure I will be asking for help from the forums. I was watching the video on how to replace a motion light with a ring floodlight cam & it didnt look hard.

Ecobee support is very helpful on all wiring questions. I suggest you get in touch with them.

Btw, even the Alexa things that are supported just don’t work well with the ecobee. I think the mic is just too bad (imo)

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I dunno about that… our ecobees often hear us better than our echo dots

Qoq… that’s interesting. I wound up returning it for the ecobee 3 lite. Better to be safe then sorry.